Sneak Peak – Made By Me Photoshoot

DSCN1964I know hoping for sunshine late in October in Oslo is pushing my luck, but I actually did. Oh well, instead we had lots of rain during our photo shoot at Hvalstrand Bad – yes, that is a beach restaurant with a lovely diving tower we merely watched through the wet windows – on Thursday. Due to the heavy rain hence solid traffic, we were all running late for the photo shoot. The stunning model Alexandria Eissinger/Pholk flew in from Copenhagen late the evening before, the talented dress designer Judith Bech had to cancel her flight from Ålesund – since she is still waiting for her daughter to give birth to her first grandchild – but the brilliant shoe designer Monica Stålvang came bringing her Spring/Summer 2015 sample collection, the magnificent hair & make up stylist Sissel Fylling came with her magic boxes, and so did the skilled Made by Me editor Mary-Ann Astrup, plus marvelous photographer Eivind Røhne  in addition to myself plus my husband as a handy man, that is.

Sissel set the tone for the day by cutting Alexandria’s hair, then we all wanted the same treatment, but there were no chance of that since we were all busy preparing for the indoor shoot by ironing, sweeping the floor, moving tables, taping shoes, discussing possible angles as well as the order to photograph each of the garments. As the photo shoot began we discussed the jewelry; whether to use designs made by Siri Berrefjord, silver jewelry by Kaja Gjedebo or my own Monies jewelry, in addition to selecting the perfect pair of shoes – not easy when there was such a selection to choose from. Above is one result, a new design called Atika consisting of a large cowl and long wrist warmers, stunningly worn by Alexandria over a matching felted wool dress by Judith Bech, silver earrings and ring by Kaja Gjedebo plus shoes by Monica Stålvang – see a few more sneak peaks here: instagram and here: instagram.


5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak – Made By Me Photoshoot

  1. Yeah, it turned out to be great day even though we didn’t get some of Sissels magic hair treatment like Alex did… Fun day and what a great team! I just loved working with y’all!


    • Oh, thank you so much, Ruth! I am so delighted with the texture of it and even more so with the fantastic photos Eivind has taken of the super photogenic model Alex!

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