To raske pinner by Kristin Wiola Ødegård

DSCN0044Wednesday evening, I went together with talented designers: Nina Granlund Sæther (see blog, Denise Samson (see, May Britt Bjella Zamori (see one of her hats here: and Vanja Blix Langerud (see one of her “kofter” here: as well as Makeløs/Remarkable re-design stylist Kristin Elise Halkjelsvik (see pictures from one of her exhibitions here:, to the launch of Kristin Wiola Ødegård’s second book: To raske pinner/Two Speedy Needles at Gyldendal. An amazing feat to finish her second book in a year, and it is as stylish as her first: Strikk med raske pinner. We were joined by designer Sidsel Janne Høivik, Ellen Andresen (see and jewelry designer: Siri Berrefjord (see Siris Skattkammer) whose beautiful brooches Kristin has used on her garments. Even Editor-in-Chief Jan Swensson was suitably dressed in a cool garment from the 40 in the book, see above. Below you can see the end of the fashion show, that finished way too quickly since we all craved more, with Kristin at the back. Earthly tones, yoked jackets, chunky sweaters, funky accessories and all styled in Kristin’s vintage style with a trendy undertone.

10917790_819947854733069_4931690997410709564_oYou can see inside the book here: To raske pinner. Just as her last book, it is photographed by her daughter Sofie Ødegård while her other daughter is on the cover. The sweater worn by the man is based on the successful “Retro Kofta” (read: kofta = traditional jacket in colorwork) she designed for women in her previous book. You can find the book in selected book stores and online at e.g. Haugen Bok in Norway. Follow the updates to see if the book rights have been sold abroad on the Gyldendal Agency here:

KristinWiola2Even Jan Swensson could not resist making the joke that her next book will be published next year, and given the title; “Tre raske pinner/Three Speedy Needles”. It would not surprise me if Kristin did manage to deliver her third book within the year, but I am convinced that she would insist on a different title than the one suggested.