Oslo 8.2

XT1A2996What is 8.2? The length of the Akerselva, the river running through the city of Oslo and the most appropriate name for the project to co-ordinate art, culture, research and experience along the river. Halfway down (or up) is Lilleborg, the former soap factory, with the exterior intact and so far, housing the bakery Kolonihagen and with the main part of the building still vacant. On Thursday the large room was filled to the brim with the launch of the project “8.2”, initiated by property developers; Brødrene Placht  with guest speakers from Teknisk Museum/The Norwegian Museum of Technology, Vulkan and Byantikvaren/Oslo Cultural Heritage Management, as well as entertainment from nearby Det Andre Teatret among others. It was unfortunately raining a lot of the time, but the barbecued food and interesting talks plus entertainment made it into an enjoyable afternoon. Why was I invited you may ask? I must admit that my husband is the consultant to the owners of Lilleborg, and responsible for the architecture and graphics, see marveng-puckett.com/på-vei.