Alby Gård Galleri F15

DSCN0148On Sunday, my husband and I went on an excursion to Jeløya on the outer Oslo fjord, in Moss, 1 hour’s drive from Oslo, to visit Alby Gård/Farm with its well-know Galleri F15. Due to the summer heat, a lot of people had the same idea while the families headed straight for the nearby beach. The south end of the island is a protected landscape with its farmland, gardens and tree alleys. Alby is first mentioned in 1389 as a diocese, and was later sold by the king to Gunder Torgersen Tollefsrød in 1727. He became the first farmer to own Alby and it remained in his family until 1815 before it was sold on. All the farm houses burnt down to the ground in 1866, so the existing manor in the Empire Style, built in plastered brick, was raised in the 1870s by Michael Sundt.

DSCN0147The property was bought by Moss Kommune/Council in 1963. Four years later they offered the one year old gallery, Galleri F15, to move to Alby. The Gallery thrived and an extension was built in 1985. Today, it is an acknowledged Gallery and a cultural events organizer. Above is a row of Robinia also known as Black Locust trees, lining the garden. They are to the left in the top photo. I was captivated by their vivid green color and their trunks.

DSCN0149The view from the Manor house towards the fjord in the hazy sunshine. The park was raised so there is a stone wall between the road above and the end of the garden.

DSCN0165The bay, a popular beach for the locals.

DSCN0168We enjoyed a walk along the beach, before we went home.

DSCN0162Driving through the majestic tree alley. All in all, it was a lovely day out!


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  1. Looks glorious. Glad to see you relaxing after all your hectic design submissions and photo shoots.

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