Yellow Gold Pullover Knitted by Valeria Patorra

IMG_2683__1024_x_768__medium2Valeria Patorra, living in Germany, began knitting the Yellow Gold Pullover the day after it was published in Interweave Knits Fall 2015 to my delight. Instead of the sample yarn Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, Valeria picked Schachenmayr nomotta Alpaka Fashion in a red-orange shade from her stash and the project Rowanberry was born. Valeria decided to knit a size S to obtain a size M because of the thicker alpaca yarn so it would fit her. The three dimensional cables combined with the welt pattern and the tucks, which she calls “Linda’s trendy style” to my utter joy, attracted her to the design. After an amazing 14 days the pullover was finished, and Valeria decided to photograph it on her holiday in Denmark with her daughter – 14 year old – Gwendolyn as the model. The result is a number of brilliant photos, you can see two of them here and more of them on Valeria’s, aka nickknitterton, project page on Ravelry. As it happens, Gwendolyn wanted the sweater and Valeria happily gifted it to her. I just like to add that Valeria is a very prolific knitter and has since been addicted – her words not mine – and knitted the following of my designs: Saga Jacket, Cable Round Sweater with a turtle neck modification, and is currently test knitting the Sculpted Frost Jacket. Thank you Valeria and Gwendolyn!

IMG_2649__1024_x_768__medium2The magazine Interweave Knits Fall is available digitally and in print around the world. The print version has just reached my closest newsagent Narvesen. I am so looking forward to seeing more versions of this design and I know there are several in progress in different countries from Japan to the UK. And Yes, I have sent in submissions to their recent Summer 2016 call!


5 thoughts on “Yellow Gold Pullover Knitted by Valeria Patorra

  1. How lovely! After swatching, modifications and the like, I am knitting Thor’s birthday sweater out of a deep green 2-ply fingering weight wool. The cables are amazing!

  2. i also fell in love with this pattern and am just now in the process of knitting it, but I am have a bit of trouble with the cables and would be so very happy if someone would put a tutorial video of knitting the chain cables on you tube or email me a video on how to knit these lovely cables, I know if I could just see it being done I would understand.

    Thank you so much for any help you could extend my way
    Happy knitting!

      • I am so delighted that you are knitting it! I am very pleased that you figured it out so quickly, and before I had a chance to respond. I admit the description does make it sound harder than it is as soon as you have it in your hands, in my opinion. Happy Knitting! Linda

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