Wiolastrikk by Kristin Wiola Ødegård

Norwegian designer Kristin Wiola Ødegård has recently published her fourth book: Wiolastrikk, considering that the first one came in 2014, I cannot help but be impressed. In 2012, I remember Kristin coming to my book launch and telling me she was working on her first book. But I digress. Just as in her previous books both of Kristin’s daughters are involved; one as a model in front of the camera and the other, Sofie Ødegård behind the camera. They are such a marvellous team; Sofie captures the essence of Kristin’s designs. Kristin has her own style always on trend with a bit of vintage thrown in. In styling her knitted designs, Kristin often ends up sewing garments to fit perfectly, if she cannot find what she is looking for. Wiolastrikk, which looks like a magazine, contains 29 new patterns; mainly knitting patterns but also a few crochet patterns. It is her kofte patterns that are the most popular ones here in Norway – take a look at Høstruta – but in the book are also garments knitted in other techniques such as lace, cables and rib. Take a look inside the book here: issuu.com. The Norwegian book is available in book stores all over Norway or can be ordered directly from the publisher Gyldendal. You will find some of her single pdf patterns translated into English and Dutch, available to buy from Ravelry.