Vienna Wool & Design Festival 2017

I am so chuffed to be invited to hold workshops at this new knitting festival called Vienna Wool & Design Festival 29. to 30. April at Arcotel Wimberger Vienna Hotel. Also invited are the following: Polish designer Hanna Maciejewska aka Hada Knits, who I met at the Wollness Weekend outside of Vienna a couple of years ago; American designer Nancy Marchant; German designer Isabell Kraemer; Scottish designer Di Gilpin , who I first met at the Knitting and Stitching Show several years back; and British designer Anna Maltz, just to mention a few. Some of us will teach in English while the rest will teach in German. The festival is organised by Suncica Wilhelmer, owner of Wollsalon Sunshine Loop, and Ursula Koll. In addition to the workshops there will be a tempting market hall, come together evening, galla dinner and a magazine made with new patterns by participating designers. I already know that a number of my test knitters will be there and I look forward to meeting old and new friends. I suspect the majority of the knitters present will be women but at least two husbands will be there – I know this for a fact since both Hanna’s and mine is coming – both will be busy photographing unlike the rest of us!