Nordic Architecture. Elements and Details by Takashi Koizumi

A few days ago, this fascinating Japanese book arrived in our mail box. No, I do not read Japanese, but Professor Takashi Koizumi himself sent it to us, as a token since we allowed him to use a couple of our photos from the Bornholm Art Museum in his book: Nordic Architecture. Elements and Details. It started several months back when the Professor in the Department of Housing and Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Kyusan Snagyo University wrote a comment on my blog after seeing our photos from Bornholm Art Museum by Danish architects Fogh & Følner, see my blogpost here. We promptly sent him a selection of photos for him to choose from just in case he wanted to use any of them and told him our about our backgrounds in architecture and architectural history. He choose one I took of the water well running down the staircase, with a sacral lighting more reminiscent of churches than art museums, and the one Michael took of me sitting in the alcove on the museum street.

Above are the pages from Bornholms Art Museum, and you see our photos at the bottom of the right page. Our names are found in the photo credit at the back. I also discovered that the Professor had visited Mortensrud Church by Norwegian architects Jensen & Skodvin, where Michael and I got married, as well as the National Museum – Architecture, where I held my last photoshoot, in the summer of 2015.  He would like to visit Oslo again and we would love to meet him. The ISBN number is: 978-4-7615-3232 and here is the link to the Japanese publisher Gakugei and  Both the Professor and his wife are also interested in my knitwear design, to my delight. Now I wonder what he will think of my choice for the next photoshoot venue of Ingierstrand Bad by Norwegian architects Ole Lind Schistad and Eyvind Moestue.