Easter 2020

Easter 2020 is here and it will be one we will never forget with the Covid-19 virus raging all around the world leading to lockdowns and quarantines. I hope you are safe and well enough to make the best out of this Easter, as well as period of lockdown! Here in Norway, the kinder gardens will re-open after Easter and hopefully the number of infected people will continue to decline, so that the restrictions can be eased little by little. Above you see our tulips and eggs that Michael has decorated with the British Embassy (Ørje) logo he has made.

In the last week, here in Ørje, we have gone from freezing temperatures with flurries of snow to spring like temperatures. Above you see the sunrise from our living room, taken by Michael in the morning of the 26th of March. We will be spending Easter at home. I will be knitting to finish a design for the end of April, while Michael, the ambassador, will be out in his boat.

I wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you will receive an Easter Egg, regardless whether you have to fill it yourself or not! Stay safe and well!