Barcelona Knits 2023

Again, I can confirm that Barcelona Knits! Several people have asked me just that after I told them I was going back to the Barcelona Knits Festival 2023, for the second time around (the first time was in 2019). What a festival it has been, I have had a blast and must admit that it is still the best organised knitting event I have ever been too! The three behind the festival, running for the sixth time around, are: Anna Chao, aka misswasabi81; Eva Rodríguez, aka lalanalu and Kiara Bonini, aka lalanalu. You can see them prepping in the Instagram photo below. Above you see me photographed against the photo wall, wearing Khayam.The venue was the World Trade Center in the harbour, above you see a small part of the queue into the one of the two market halls on Saturday. The queue continued around the square with nearly twice as many visitors as last year and it was well worth the wait according to the knitters I spoke to.Here is a photo from the inside the busy market hall on the Saturday, with more than 5 500 people entering the hall.My friend the Polish designer Hanna Maciejewska with her yarn dyer husband Daniel of Dye Dye Done had a stand in the Market Hall. I met Hanna back at Wollness Weekend a knitting resort outside Vienna, back in October 2015. I am wearing my Aife made in the Dye Dye Done Pure Sport yarn that they offered my several years back.Hanna asked my to pick some yarn for free and I am not difficult to ask – I just had a difficult task pinning down exactly what I wanted from the marvellous selection of yarns and colours on display.My first workshop was the Cable Knitting Masterclass and above you see the all the wonderful knitters that attended it from Spain, Italy, the US, Iceland, Germany, France, Slovakia and Canada. For those of you who could not attend, join the Workshop Pass level on my Patreon page. The view from the classroom was magnificent, just take a look above. I am ready for the second workshop on the Sunday; Professional Finishing.One of the many vendors in the market hall, was the Spanish Feliz y Punto offering tempting hand dyed yarns.There were a lot of activities going on as a Cast On Party on Thursday night (before I arrived), a live podcast session by Making on Sunday morning (see their stand above) and a Tapas and Yarn Party on Saturday evening where all the Spanish and others were taking part in the Macarena dance moves in a long line all around the Green Vita restaurant. I did not know the moves but enjoyed watching them all. Thank you to all the designers, vendors and knitters I met at Barcelona Knits!