Ask Hadley – a fashion column in The Guardian

I knew I would miss being able to buy The Guardian, the English version, in print and will have to resort to reading it online from now on. One of the columns I always enjoy is American journalist Hadley Freeman’s: Ask Hadley. Read her previous: “Are George Osborne’s deathly pallor and Christine Lagarde’s permatan the new index for fashion and the economy?” and you will understand why, see ask-hadley. I loved reading her book: “The Meaning of Sunglasses: A Guide to (Almost) All Things Fashionable” which clearly demonstrates her refreshing sharp tongue published in 2008 and her articles in the British Vogue.

One of my first tasks after moving in was to order subscription to my favourite newspapers: Aftenposten and Morgenbladet. I believe you have to have lived abroad for more than a decade to appreciate the ability to easily obtain Norwegian newspapers. It was incredibly easy and Aftenposten was delivered the very next day – what a treat! Ordering a Norwegian mobile phone and broadband is a lot harder and turned out to be impossible since neither my name nor my personal number, my birthday and -year followed by 5 digits, existed according to telephone provider despite my endeavours at the National Register to report myself immigrated back to Oslo the day I arrived more than two weeks ago. The mistake has now been discovered and – yes, it was technical! I am hoping to receive a modem and a Norwegian mobile phone shortly. In the mean time I have been frequenting coffee shops with internet access together with numerous Oslo tourists. Great for feeling like I am on holiday! Except this time, I am not.


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