Norwegian Pelsullgarn/Furwoolyarn

Does a fursheep exist? Was my first question when I received what felt like my perfect goodie bag, an envelope with a shade card, an information sheet and 3 hanks of Norwegian Pelsullgarn /Furwoolyarn from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrik. Hurrah! At first it was on display but it did not take long until my knitting needles came out and I had to test it. And yes, a Norwegian Pelssau/Fursheep is a mixed breed of Norwegian Spælsau/ Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace and of Swedish Gotlandsfår – no translation found. Here are photos: nsg. I have found yet another favourite yarn and this time it is Norwegian!

The wool produced is fine, soft with the lustre and feel of mohair. Most of their wool and skin are ideal in production of fur skin hence the name Fursheep but luckily for me and all you knitters out there Hillesvåg has been able to obtain the best quality for their Hifa Pelsullgarn. I am totally smitten by the yarn, which knits on a 3.5 mm/US 4 or a few sizes larger and comes in a few divine colours, all melange see above.

Reversible scarf in a melange grey is the project I started with but the latest list of yarn request to Hillesvåg was becoming longer by the day so I realised I better send it of this instant, which I did. The photo can not tell you how much you want to keep stroking this yarn but I can. Pelsullgarn is not yet on their webpage but the secret is out, so it will not be long before they will receive a deluge of orders, I believe. In the meantime you can study their other yarns and magnificent colours at


6 thoughts on “Norwegian Pelsullgarn/Furwoolyarn

  1. The yarn is so beautiful! I bought it at Husfliden in Bergen two weeks ago. It has just arrived in the shop!

    Thanks for writing such a inspirational blog, Linda 🙂

    • I am so pleased you agree with me and thank you for letting me now it is available at Husfliden in Bergen! Thank you so much for finding my blog inspirational, Randi 😀

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