Accompanying My Knitting

At the moment it is podcasts from BBC Radio 4, which is one of the few things I miss from the UK, I listen to when I knit. I had forgotten or possibly erased from memory how few programs on NRK, the Norwegian Television Broadcaster I enjoy watching. My British husband finds Norwegian television rubbish most of the time and we are grateful for Itunes so that we can rent movies, television series from the BBC and easily listen to podcasts. Anyway, listening to a podcast is so much easier when you knit and need to keep checking your pattern and your calculations. My favourite, at the moment – actually for the last year or so – is Saturday Live with Rev Richard Coles and broadcaster Sian Williams.

“Real life but not as you know it. Radio 4’s Saturday morning show is full of the stuff that matters, extraordinary stories, inheritance tracks, guerrilla reports, secret lives, poetry and more.” The friendly, chatty and charming presenters and guests in the studio brightens and enlightens you. It even includes one time Lebanon hostage, now acknowledge travel journalist John McCarthy’s program Excess Baggage that take you to foreign and less traveled places. Listen and enjoy: bbc.


4 thoughts on “Accompanying My Knitting

  1. I too enjoy listening to podcasts. One of my favorites though iTunes is The Splendid Table. No social or news issues – just talk about food, the food industry, and cooking. I have also taken to listening to books on cd – it allows me to knit, cook, or do whatever while “reading” a good book. Thanks for sharing bbc radio!

    • Thank you for sharing one of your favourites, Tracy! That sounds good, I must check it out! Yes, I do listen to audio books too, so that my hands are free to knit!

  2. Interesting to hear what you like to listen to as you work. I remember another prolific designer who said old black & white movies were her perfered entertainment. Myself it is Christmas Music. You will snicker over that one. But the same Swedish/Finnish grandmother who taught me to knit also gave me a great love for the holidays. The music is always cheerful and upbeat. There are also some great new groups out there with updated Christmas songs…Mercy Me, Chis Tomlin, Josh Grobin, Casting Crowns- to name a few. Next favorite thing…holiday movies. I love it that they all have a happy ending! No blood & guts…no stress or worries…just happy people!
    Helps me get through even the Knottiest of knitting problems.

    • I have no problem understanding that Christmas Music makes you cheerful and upbeat! It is actually a great idea and so is holiday movies! I do also enjoy Indian movies with all their colourful outfits and catchy music! Thank you for sharing, Connie!

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