Brooklyn Tweed Design Submissions

_DSC1386For the first time the submission for Wool People is open to all designers, and not only to invited guest designers, so just as I anticipated Brooklyn Tweed have received an overwhelming amount of submissions due to their popularity, and stunning tweed yarns. In their submission information they urged designers to include at least 3-4 submissions within the proposal, so I have sent off 3 submissions. If one of my designs is chosen for Wool People 8, and I am not too optimistic, I will be informed no later than 14th March. Any design submission is time consuming but rewarding since I already have another magazine who want them, despite not having seen my ideas yet. Brooklyn Tweed have two yarns; Shelter and Loft, both made of pure wool spun in historic Harrisville, New Hampshire, from the fleece of Wyoming grown Targhee-Columbia sheep; “We fleece dye our wool to achieve rich heathers that give even the simplest fabrics depth and sophistication”. Shelter is worsted/aran weight with 128 m/140 yds per 50 g and Loft is fingering/4-ply with 251 m/275 yds per 50 g, and you can see the shade card for both yarns above. The knitwear design and yarn company was founded in 2007 by designer, blogger and photographer Jared Flood. Among my favorite designs, chosen because of their beautiful texture, are Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood from BT Winter 14, see Ravelry and Kenzo by Olga Buraya-Kefelian from Wool People 4, see Ravelry. For the full collection see Brooklyn Tweed.


4 thoughts on “Brooklyn Tweed Design Submissions

  1. It seems that the process of submitting a pattern design can be just as anxiety-producing as submitting a scholarly article to an academic press! The result of yours, however, is more fun – and certainly will be enjoyed by many more people than an article that, probably, will only be read if assigned to college students! I look forward, as always, to seeing your new designs!

  2. Best wishes! It seems like putting so much of yourself on the line – very brave – though I know you’ve done this kind of thing before!

    • Thank you, Tracy! Yes, it is a challenge and I do put a lot of myself in it so I will only select a few magazines to submit to each year.

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