New Design: Shinju

XT1A7085I wanted to make a whole series of designs to go with the stunning wedding dresses by designer Judith Bech. Initially it was Judith’s idea, and it was too brilliant not to accept. The series was first accepted by the Norwegian magazine Made by Me, but since it ceased production shortly afterwards, I am delighted to reveal that 4 of the designs will be published in the special issue Familien Håndarbeid/Handcraft due out in March. Shinju is one of these designs, and if you went to the Wollness Weekend or the Knit Café in Vienna (or spot me in Isabella’s car for that matter) you did see me knitting it, desperate to finish it in time for the photo shoot on the 28. October. I did!

XT1A7094Love, affection and beautiful are all parts of the Japanese word for pearl and was perfect for this lacy shawl knitted in a luxurious fiber mix with both mohair and silk with beads attached on an Italian yarn from Mondial called Perle (meaning pearl in both Italian and in Norwegian). Ruffled bell borders grace each end of the shawl. I wanted to show that it does not necessarily have to be made for a wedding dress, nor in cream since the yarn comes in six other equally beautiful colors. The photos above are as usual taken by my husband. The shawl is made in one size but can easily be adjusted by adding or removing stitch pattern repeats. It is made from one short end to the other with no sewing required, except for the sewing in of ends, and knitted using a 4.5 mm/US 7 circular needle. The yarn Mondial Perle is made of 55% polyester, 30% kid mohair, 15% silk and with beads attached on a separate thread next to the yarn on a 25 g ball with 85 m/93 yds. It has been kindly sponsored for this project. In Oslo you can find it at the yarn shop Tjorven, but also in other yarn shops around the country. All the ones that have seen the yarn so far has been bewitched, and felt an urge to touch it but also get their hands on it. You can look forward to seeing the divine photos taken of model You can look forward to seeing the divine photos taken of model Alexandra Eissinger – wearing one of Judith Bech’s wedding dresses – by Eivind Røhne.


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