Catwalk at Fefor Strikkefestival 2019

The highlight of the Strikkefestival/Knitting festival at Fefor Høifjellshotell/High Mountain Hotel at Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdalen was the the catwalk. All the designers were asked to have at least one model for the catwalk, as you can imagine this was easier said than done, since they had to be free to go to the hotell from Saturday to Sunday and also fit into the sample garments. I was very fortunate that my sister-in-law Marianne Spæren Marveng said yes, and that she could also bring a friend of hers – Tove Wahl – too! The designer Helle Siggerud was able to persuade her daughter to step in on a short notice. While Heidi’s partner had no choice, he had to take part, since Pinnedans (Heidi and her sister Mette) needed a male model. Above you see Tove wearing my Sculpted Frost, while I am wearing my Yellow Gold Pullover knitted in Jamiesons Spindrift.

 Above you see him wearing one of May Britt Bjella Zamori’s new designs in brioche. He enjoyed his debut on the catwalk and did a great job, I think!

Helle’s daughter who has done this before but now also wearing Kari Hestnes’ popular Suzanna design knitted in a stunning orange shade of Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, Ask. Kari is talking about it at the back.

Another of Kari’s designs: Fransk Lilje knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed worn by one of her models who she also uses for her photoshoots.

Here is Tove wearing one of Helle’s designs: Veslemøy a pattern available in her Norwegian book: Strikk til alle tider.

This pullover, designed by Helle was perfect on Marianne.

Nina presented her book Knitting with Gradients and here is the Inside Out Skirt worn by one of Kari’s experienced models who loved turning around in it.

I thought this was a fun photo to end with, even though it shows us going onto the stage. Helle, Nina and I are wearing our own designs. I also had my birthday on Saturday, and had the birthday song sung to me, twice. First at my workshop, just after Kari came by to take some photos and told everyone present and second at the catwalk. A waiter came with  a piece of cake with fireworks on after everyone there had sung the birthday song. So that was fun and a great ending to the Saturday evening. I had a fabulous time at Fefor Strikkefestival and enjoyed meeting knitters, designers and my family members 😉