The is a digital DIY platform, that sells downloadable patterns for handcrafts: sewing; knitting; crocheting; embroidery; quilting and patchwork. The platform was brought to my attention by a designer posting about it in the Designer group on Ravelry. I liked the look of the webpage and decided to fill in the application form to sell on Makerist. You can apply to sell both patterns and video tutorials. Here is the link to the application, if you are interested:

“Makerist was founded in 2013 in Berlin, Germany by Axel Heinz and Amber Riedl and is the market leader in Europe for digital patterns and e-learning classes.” You can read more about them here. In their mission statement, they write: “Our goal is to motivate more people to become makers and artists by offering inspiration from the creative community as well as concrete skills and tools to just start making”. The platform has a German website, a French website and an American website. You will find my patterns on the American website, since I only have a few patterns translated into German and none translated into French:

I received a very positive response from Sarah Gillot, together with a very professional pdf, packed with information called: “Makerist. Crafting made simple. Join Us! A simple guide to becoming a designer”. I knew that it would be best to upload a large batch, so I have uploaded 50 pattern, for now. The uploading process was detailed and a bit time consuming, but with practice, I could do so at a quicker speed. I am pleased to say that I have sold my first patterns on Makerist.

You will also find my digital knitting patterns on these platforms:





Deep South Fibers (for retailers):