Oslo Design Fair January 2020

Last Wednesday Michael and I went to Oslo Design Fair in Lillestrøm, to visit the yarn stands, as well as to meet fellow designers. The theme for this trade fair was Impossible/Possible. “What if we can make the impossible, possible? It is hard to imagine a society that is   different than how we have it just now. But if we look back in time, we know that the changes will come and with today’s environmental threat and technological development the changes will come quicker than ever. Think about everything we know that we still do not know yet? Large challenges also create large possibilities. Oslo Design Fair wants to promote Norwegian Design and industry, art, crafts and architecture.” The well-known quote from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” was the inspiration for this theme.

I am wearing my Alva design, knitted in Tropical Lane Woolissimo, with a belt around the fronts, looking at the new samples from Rauma Garn. In the top photo the posters display the catalogue cover for the “Tumiyarn and for the “Tjukk Mohair” yarn. The yarn companies are in Hall B, which hosts the categories jewellery, Norwegian craftsmanship, textile, fashion, yarn & hobby.

The best stand, that stood out in its bright pink & flower glory, was in Hall C (Design & Interior Architecture) by the company “Lykke Blomster” and they wanted to spread the “Luck” in their name “Luck Flowers”. It worked, they did!

Now, this piano was not only for display, but was actually in use during the day, while we were there.

 Here are more of the samples on the Rauma stand.

Sandnes Garn display.

Järbo Garn, the Swedish company. The were more yarn companies there, but as you might have guessed, Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk did not have a stand (they usually do not on the January fair).

Cappelen Damm podium on the main street promoting some of their popular titles. We met designers Tove Lindtein, Bente Presterud and Familien editor Åse Myhrvold Egeland during the day. I enjoyed the fair, even though there were even less yarn companies than at the last fair this time, I always have the opportunity to see the new yarns and designs coming this spring.