Bundingen in Tromsø

Okay, Bundingen is actually a yarn shop located in Tromsø, at the Jekta shopping centre – close to the airport – to be precise. I went back for the second time around this summer, while Michael and I were on our holiday in Tromsø. Above is the entrance to the inspiring shop, showing about one third of the rather large shop. Owner Hege-Merete Benoni recognised me, just as she did last year. Yes, they do sell Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk yarn and yarn kits. I used the opportunity to have a look at colours at the Hillesvåg corner, the Rowan corner – where I found an old Rowan Magazine  Rowan magazine that I have been looking for – and the Knitting for Olive section. Michael took these photos, as I was too busy looking at yarns!

In the photo above you can spot the Rowan Magazine number 59 that I discovered in the shopping basket. One of the collections in the magazine, including the cover photo, is photographed a Japanese Garden in the UK. I also wanted to have a look at the Knitting for Olive yarns and selected the silk, the merino, the mohair and the new Cashmere yarn. Bundingen also have Clover notions so I took the opportunity to buy another crochet hook and discovered some clips called Wonder Clips. Hege-Merete told me that I stood in front of her great grandmother’s bed which she inherited and is now being used to hold yarn kits. I am wearing my Eah hoodie with a pullover beneath and a jacket on top as it was only 8 degrees Celsius/46 degrees Fahrenheit and rain outside – even though it was summer; the end of July.

Above is a photo of my yarn haul from Tromsø. The tote bag – read knitting bag – says “There will never be too much yarn”, and it was a gift!

Here I am at the till with Hege who told me that they are busy these days and have just started a customer club. Hege loved my Eah that I wore and wondered about my new designs, I showed her and her employees some of the photos of my new designs. I was so chuffed to hear that she wanted to make the Keila dress! I hope to come back to Bunding in Tromsø!