Photoshoot at Sentralen: Jari

The next set of photos from the photoshoot is the Jari design made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. Photographer Wenche Hoel-Knai suggested we start with Model Olivia Lindtein, with make-up & hair styling by Nina Hjertaas Bull and jewellery by Kaja Gjedebo Design, sitting on the back of the sofa in the marble Hallway at Sentralen in Oslo. I like the cool look even though it does not show a lot of the sweater. So I suggested we move the sofa out of the photo. After I had checked whether it would work with the back of it showing, but the back of the sofa had a much plainer fabric hence it would not work.

At the photoshoot I decided – unlike earlier times – to style it with a pair of culottes hence not choosing the pencil trouser I usually choose for an oversized pullover. I did that for two reasons: One I do love my new pleated culottes, two the fashion these days is more casual with a looser fit and larger silhouette than just a few years ago. Olivia said that I had chosen a funkier style this time so that confirms my belief.

I had brought a small ball of yarn as a prop for this design, as you can see in the photo above where Olivia is sitting. Stylist Nina changed Olivia’s hairstyle so that the details in the side would be visible, as this oversized pullover is worked in pieces and seamed together.

I do love the story that Wenche wanted to convey in the photos. It does look like Olivia is conducting an orchestra in the photo above, which shows the back well. My introduction to the pattern is as follows: Named Jari, Norse for fighter, is this oversized pullover with a bottom tuck, a Celtic cable front panel and a high collar. Unlike the front the back has only the two small center cables. The sleeves are knitted in stockinette stitch but end in a cuff. Jari ends like it began with double seed stitch, but the collar is crowned with an I-cord. The pullover is knitted in the airy Norwegian combed wool yarn Ask from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk.

The final photo I will share is the brilliant detailed one that Wenche captured, hence it is not one of the photos that I have cropped afterwards. It is wonderful to see that in one photo you can see the neckline, the sleeve cuff and the front cable panel, I think! Nina agreed that the collar needed a silk scarf to stay in place but also to soften the look, hence there is only photo without it.

I have graded Jari in sizes XS to 5XL with a bust circumference of 111 to 179 cm/43.75 to 70.5″. Yarn kits with either a Norwegian or an English pattern will soon be available from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. While the individual pattern will be released after test knitting beginning on April 11 in my Ravelry group.