Fashion Show in Ørje

Last week 7 shops, who sell clothes in Ørje, and I took part in a Fashion Show, organised by “Marker bygdekvinnelaget“/Marker Township Women. Ørje is a township – or a tiny town if you like – so that an organised Fashion Show took place felt like a contradiction, but it was not. So many of the shops here do sell clothes including the two farmer shop chains called Østmøllene and Felleskjøpet; one of the flower shops Ørje Blomster have recently started selling clothes (yes, in a separate shop opposite); the sports shop – which also sells electrical goods and toys Nilsen Sport og Elektrisk; the garden and yarn shop – I Gros hage; the second hand shop Bruktbutikken; and of course the clothing shop Skjør. Our first meeting in August was mentioned in the local magazine called Grenseland. I was honoured to be asked to participate. We agreed that all shops show six outfits each and have two models in addition to bringing two prizes for the draw.

More than 140 people, mainly women, came to the show. I believe we had as much fun backstage as the audience had in the main hall of the Marker Rådhus/Marker Council Town Hall. In the photo above you see my model Andrine Thorsen – who works at Felleskjøpet – wearing my Ataraxia throwing confetti at the end of the show. Behind her you can see me wearing my Adeline’s Cardigan.

The was a large difference in ages, sizes and types of clothing during the evening, above you see the protective clothing by one of the farm shops Østmøllene.

Martine works in the clothes shop Skjør and above you see her modelling together with the beautiful flower decorations the Issi from the flower shop had made.

Here is Issi wearing clothes from her own shop and you can see both Andrine and me in my designs.

Andrine looked fabulous in my designs! Here she is wearing my Oydis Sweater and holding onto the matching Oydis Cowl. Of course all these photos are taken by Michael who had volunteered to be the photographer.

I wore my Khayam and Laplace trousers to start off with. The trousers are still long even though I shortened them before the photo shoot, so I had to wear some high Monica Stålvang boots.

Finally I will share a photo from the action back stage that I took. Finger food, cakes and apple cider was served and everyone had the chance to win a prize. It was quite a show to take part in and it felt like a party!