New Design: Regal Purple Jacket

I am thrilled to present my latest design, complete: Regal Purple Jacket. The vibrant, rich purple catch my attention and demanded to be chosen out of the 62 marvelous colours on offer in Perle, meaning pearl in Norwegian, a divine mercerized 4-ply/fingering cotton with a crisp stitch definition from Hifa, see ull. I chose a pattern, I have named Flower Wave, which is half lace and half garter stitch hence easy to memorize. With garter stitch inside the pattern it also became the obvious choice for the edging. Regal Purple Jacket has an A-line shape with added garter stitches in the side for decreasing, with short sleeves and a V-neck with a garter stitch then stocking stitch band. It is knitted flat and sewn together to give stability to the garment. The pattern has been sold to the Norwegian magazine Familien where it will be printed next spring/summer.

As a contrast and an add on, I decided it needed an accessory so I made a cowl, made all in stocking stitch with stripes in reverse stocking stitch, knitted as a tube I turned so I could continue to knit instead of purling to make the stripes, and grafted it together at the end. I still have a bit of work left on the pattern (read: grading) but I am pleased with the result!


18 thoughts on “New Design: Regal Purple Jacket

  1. Nydelig jakke!
    men kan du ikke lage oppskrift på lange (evnt 3/4 lange) armer også –

    Vennlig hilsen Inger

    • Tusen takk, Inger! Det var lurt, jeg kan inkludere lange også slik at man kan velge, kanskje med en indikajon på hvor de 3/4 begynner også.

  2. You’re pleased with the result… I’m delighted…it is gorgeously beautiful. The cowl delicately accentuates the design. Wow, I need to be knitting this.

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  5. Jeg er så glad at andre ønsker jakken med lange ermer..jeg bruker så og si aldri 3/4 lange ermer. Denne er bare helt nydelig!

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