Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot at Bøler Church May 2020

Last Friday, I had a photoshoot at Bøler Church in Oslo with my brilliant team: Photographer Eivind Røhne, Model Olivia Lindtein, Hair & Make-up Artist Sissel Fylling, Jewellery Designer Kaja Gjedebo and Michael. It was a beautiful day that started out quite cool. Bøler Church in Oslo wished us welcome even during the Corona virus, as long as we used only the rooms we were allocated and made sure to clean all surfaces afterwards. We were met by the manager and the priest Dag Auli, who remembered us from last time we photographed in the church back in October 2017. He wanted to know how many garments we were photographing and where we had photographed since last time. The plan was to photograph seven new designs; four for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk plus Leylak; Skyla and Milana, and four old designs; Ravna – see above – Sculpted Frost, Aran Cuffs and Folded Cardigan. In the photo above you see Eivind securing the sun screen with sand bags and Sissel holding it while texting on her mobile.

Above is a photo I took in the morning when Michael and I were walking around the church looking for backdrops. You can spot me in the window taking the photo. We used this corner for two of the new designs: Skyla and Milana.

 Here we are testing out my Monies statement jewellery, while waiting for Kaja, and Sissel is adjusting Olivia’s pony tail. The bracelet looked way too heavy on her slim wrist, in fact so heavy that it looked like the weight would topple her, Sissel joked. Olivia is wearing Skyla, knitted in Dye Dye Done, Pure Sport while I am wearing my Regal Purple Jacket. I loved seeing my new designs worn by Olivia, as she gave them new life.

I also wanted to share this photo Michael took inside the church hall showing the divine light. The church hall is just inside the window in the two photos above. Bøler Kirke is a community church by HBA Arkitekter completed in 2011. See more photos here:

Michael took this photo of us while we were preparing to photograph the Folded Cardigan. Kaja is carrying a tray with the jewellery we had selected for the design. It was convenient that Kaja, who lives at Bøler, could join us on the photoshoot, as it meant I did not have to travel in to Oslo merely to visit her and borrow the jewellery, this time. After photographing this, we had lunch. I was relieved to find that Eckers was open and that they could deliver lunch with juices and smoothies to us. As planned it was delivered at 11 o’clock in good time for our lunch. After lunch we only had three more Hillesvåg designs to photograph. Below you see us planning the first of those; Caravay in Tinde pelt wool.

Michael has made a behind the scenes video including drone footage, which is available for all my patrons, only on Patreon. So if you are interested in learning more about my life as a designer and want to support me, choose your level based on the rewards – such as monthly newsletter, sneak peeks of new designs, Hillesvåg yarn discount, pattern discount, free monthly pattern and monthly video – here:

We had a wonderful day and enjoyed being able to chat face-to-face again. It was yet another magnificent photoshoot! Thanks to my brilliant team! I look forward to showing you the new designs – I still need to finish off those patterns – as well as selecting from Eivind’s photos!


Regal Purple Jacket Knitted by Britt Grandin

Med13_medium2I am delighted to show you Britt Grandin’s Mediterranean knitted from my pattern: Regal Purple Jacket. Here is Britt’s story behind the choice of pattern, she begins by describing the grey dull weather in February in Sweden and a planned holiday to Italy on her project page on Ravelry where she is brittg; “So to console myself, and dream of Italy, I took out my summer dresses. Hmm. I need a little short sleeved cardi to match. So I have been looking at patterns; and there are indeed plenty of pretty little cardigans, but I couldn’t make up my mind. Then yesterday evening I saw it. Perfect! Linda Marveng’s Royal Purple Jacket. Bought the pattern this morning, and bye bye to all other projects. They shall have to wait!” Britt knitted her jacket in Schachenmayr nomotta Catania Solids – a pure cotton – in size Medium. I love the turquoise color she choose for it and how well it suits her!

Med19_medium2Britt is a very experienced knitter used to adjusting the patterns to fit her perfectly and also modify a design to become truly hers. Yes, she has started designing too! The modifications she did on this is on her project page: “It turned out my row gauge was a bit off, which means that my cardi is a little bit shorter than indicated in the pattern. I also needed a few more rows from the beginning of the armhole up to the shoulder, which forced me to do the v-neck shaping differently. Along the front edges I continued to do the three garter stitches and the lace pattern almost all the way up to the shoulder”. I am also very pleased that she added the following: “The pattern is very clear and well written, and the lace pattern is simple and very easy to remember”. Thank you so much, Britt!

Britt has knitted 11 of my designs, and have number 12 & 13 on her needles at the moment, incredibly enough! Regal Purple Jacket was first published in Norwegian in Familien Håndarbeid March 2014, and is now available in both Norwegian and English on Ravelry.


Newly Released Norwegian Patterns

Nora Genser COVERI have just released 4 of my patterns in Norwegian: Nora Sweater/Nora Genser, Tyrol Jacket/Tyrol Jakke, Regal Purple Jacket/Kongelig Lilla Jakke and Lace Ridge Top/Hullkant Topp on Ravelry and on Loveknitting (shortly). All were first published in Norwegian in Familien Håndarbeid, a special edition in March 2014. Beautifully modeled on dancer Francesca Golfetto and brilliantly photographed by Kim Müller. The patterns have been tech edited and test knitted prior to their release on Ravelry, and they all include detailed schematics, video links and charts. The Nora Sweater, available in sizes S to XL, is knitted in BC Garn, Semilla Fino an ecological 4-ply/fingering yarn using 3 mm/US 2.5, can be knitted with puffed sleeves or with set-in sleeves. It is knitted in the round to the armhole, then flat to the end.

A mélange taupe in a delicate fingering weight yarn was chosen for this slightly fitted stylish cable sweater with a shawl collar. I chose a Missoni shaped puffed sleeve for a modern twist but you can chose a set in sleeve option if you prefer. A voluptuous small cable encased by side cables, reverse stocking stitch and double seed stitch was the beginning of this design.

Tyrol Jakke COVERThe Tyrol Jacket, available in sizes S to XXL, is knitted flat in two different dyelots of the stunning hand dyed Tosh DK – a pure merino – using a 4 mm/US 6 needles: Inspired by the mélange soft pink color – not unlike the evening sky – and adorable Tyrol cables with their flower-bud shapes, I have designed an elegantly fitted jacket with a V-neck. The saddle sleeves allow the cables to flow all along the shoulder. A loose scarf with cables sewn into a tube works as a second shawl collar and adds textured volume.

Kongelig Lilla Jakke COVERThe Regal Purple Jacket, available in sizes S to 3XL, is knitted flat in the lovely Hifa Perle using a 3 mm/US 2.5 needles: This vibrant rich purple is regal to me. I choose a lace pattern called Flower Wave, which is half lace and half garter stitch, hence easy to memorize. The Regal Purple Jacket has an A-line shape with added garter stitches in the side for decreasing, short sleeves and a V-neck with a garter stitch then stocking stitch band. It is knitted flat, in a divine 4 ply/fingering cotton called Perle from Hifa, and then sewn together to give stability to the garment. Optional 3/4 length or long sleeves patterns are included in addition to a stripy stocking stitch cowl, knitted in the round and grafted together, to accentuate the lace pattern.

Hullkant Topp COVERThe Lace Ridge Top, available in sizes S to XXL, is knitted in the same Hifa Perle held double using a 4 mm/US 6: A casual, stretchy long sleeveless top in an open lace ridge pattern, with a boat neck and a high twisted rib over the hips. The top is easy to knit in the round. It is worked in a divine mercerized cotton from Hifa, called Perle which is held double to emphasize the structure of the lace pattern. The cable cowl accentuates the design and gives the top a more dressy look.


Familiens Store Strikkebok

Omslag strikkebokMy Nora Sweater, modeled by stunning dancer Francesca Golfetto and brilliantly photographed by Kim Müller, is on the cover of this Norwegian book – yes, it is named large knitting book for a reason – with more than a 100 patterns from the last 75 years selected by Handicraft Editor Åse Myhrvold Egeland and Exlibris Editor Gunn E. Schmidt from the archives at the Norwegian Magazine Familien, well know for their knitting pages. I am fortunate to have two more patterns in this book: Tyrol Jacket and Regal Purple Jacket were also selected among popular patterns and included in the chapter on Newer Designs. Not all of the patterns have been published previously, and they are gathered in an exciting chapter on Unique Designs. I loved seeing the old front covers and photographs from Familien, see the back cover above, as well as seeing their updated versions knitted in today’s yarn brands. The book contains all kinds of projects including interiors and different kinds of accessories plus both traditional and modern designs. You can have a closer look inside the book here: exlibrismedia. The book is a very popular subscription gift, but also available to buy in bookshops and online: haugenbok.

DSCF1300-EditHere you can see the introduction to my patterns, which were all printed for the first time in the special issue Familien Håndarbeid in March 2014. They have all been tech edited and test knitted before the English patterns were released in my Ravelry Store. My mum is one Familien reader who could not resist this tempting subscription gift…


Knitting Design Workshop in Larvik

DSCN1680Last weekend I held my new Knitting Design Workshop in Larvik, and I stayed – as always – with my friend & Ravelry Group moderator Nina Hove Myhre who together with Inger Kamfjord Andersen came wearing my design; Regal Purple Jacket (read: in uniform). How thrilled was I? You can only guess! Nina made hers in her own dyed wool Vandre, see FiberAndArt, while Inger made hers in the original Hifa Perle, for more details see Ravelry. The workshop was organized by Larvik Husflidslag, and held at their marvelous premises – filled with looms, sewing machines and dressmaker mannequins – next to the museum. As if that in itself was not enough, Nina had baked buns that very morning in their kitchen so that the smell welcomed us and they were absolutely delicious!

007 copyMy plan was to go through the design process from beginning to finish, and follow one of my designs on its journey to completion; Tyrol Jacket was my choice since I have its initial  submission proposal with a sketch and preliminary schematic. Instead of making tasks for each knitter to do, after I had covered a section of theory,  I opted for them to bring a swatch in a pattern and yarn of their choice, then for them to make a project page where they would add their ideas as well as numbers as soon as they started to calculate with their gauge according to their measurements and chosen ease. I was amazed at the complexity of the swatches several of the knitters brought with them and recognized their Japanese influence, see below. All I had to do was make suggestions for edges and assist on calculations, especially the sleeve top one for a set in sleeve.

002Totally essential for the workshop, in my opinion, were stitch manuals, my design bible by Shirley Paden, my own swatches and designs, as well as favorite shade cards I use for inspiration and yarn selections. I also had to bring copies of my book, obviously. Just in case some of the participants had not seen it.

009On Sunday Nina had changed into another uniform, this time the Arcade Vest knitted in the original yarn; Norsk Pelsullgarn by Hifa in Grey Violett, see Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. The Norwegian pattern was published in Familien in issue no 3 earlier this year, while the English pattern will be released shortly. I am delighted to say that Nina took part also in this test knit. Here is the pattern page on Ravelry. You can also read, with Google Translate, if you do not read Norwegian, Nina’s blogpost here: Fiber And Art.

DSCN1686My next Knitting Design Workshop is scheduled in Oslo organized by Østre Aker Husflidslag at the end of October but more workshops will follow. This weekend I am holding Japanese Patterns in Oslo organized by Vestre Aker Husflidslag, and I am working on my workshop paper. Next on my agenda is calculating my own new designs…


Familien Håndarbeid

Familien HåndarbeidI am delighted to have four of my latest patterns published in the Norwegian special issue magazine called Håndarbeid/Handicraft by Familien/The Family. I designed two of them last summer; Regal Purple Jacket and Lace Ridge Top both with a cowl to complement the design, both knitted in the beautiful Perle/Pearl mercerized cotton yarn by Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, see The Tyrol Jacket, here on the cover, was initially sent as design submission to Twist Collective but only made it as far as their short list, while the Nora Sweater was hibernating until last autumn’s photo shoot, and I was not certain whether they would be accepted by Familien. I believe Kim Müller’s brilliant photos of the stunning dancer Francesca Golfetto modeling the garments made the offer hard to resist, and I was thrilled when the editor wanted to use the photos of all four designs in a separate issue. Two of the designs; Regal Purple Jacket and Tyrol Jacket are available in English to download. The remaining two will be available after test knitting in my Ravelry group, do join if you would like to.

_DSC1390The heading “Flott med fletter” translates to “Gorgeous with Cables”. The Madeline Tosh dk yarn,  the Tyrol Jacket is knitted in, is not easily available in Norway but can be ordered online or replaced by e.g Sandnes Garn, Merinoull or Garnstudio Drops Merino Extra Fine. The BC Garn Semilla Fino 4 ply/fingering yarn the Nora Sweater is knitted in, can be replaced by Rauma, Røros Lamullgarn.


One of my favorite summer yarns is the mercerized 4-ply/fingering cotton Perle/Pearl from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, which comes in 62 gorgeous colors on 200 g cones, see I used it in Mørk fiolett/Dark violet in the Regal Purple Jacket and Røsslyng/Heather held double in the Lace Ridge Top. As a matter of fact I would like to knit the cable cowl in a large selection of marvelous colors for the summer!


New Released Pattern: Regal Purple Jacket

Regal Purple Jacket COVERHappy New Year! The test knitting is coming to an end, and I have released the English version of the Regal Purple Jacket in my Ravelry Store. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my test knitters! The Norwegian pattern will be published in “Vårens Strikkebok”, a magazine by Familien, due out in March. I am thrilled that it will be accompanied by photos of dancer Francesca Golfetto by Kim Müller, see above. The tech edited pattern includes the cowl, and the English version have 3 different sleeve lengths, chart, schematic plus video links. Here is a link to where you can buy and download the pdf :

This vibrant rich purple is regal to me. I choose a lace pattern called Flower Wave, which is half lace and half garter stitch, hence easy to memorize. The Regal Purple Jacket has an A-line shape with added garter stitches in the side for decreasing, short sleeves and a V-neck with a garter stitch then stocking stitch band. It is knitted flat, in a divine 4 ply/fingering cotton called  Perle/Pearl from Hifa, and then sewn together to give stability to the garment. Optional 3/4 length or long sleeves patterns are included in addition to a stripy stocking stitch cowl, knitted in the round and grafted together, to accentuate the lace pattern.

Sizes: S (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)

Finished Measurements:                                                                                                     Bust: 92 (98, 106, 116, 126, 136) cm/36.25 (38.5, 41.75, 45.75, 49.5, 53.5)”                               Hip: 112 (118, 126, 136, 146, 156) cm/44 (46.5, 49.5, 53.5, 57.5, 61.5)”                             Length: 60 (62.5, 62.5, 65, 67.5, 67.5) cm/23.5 (24.5, 24.5, 25.5, 26.5, 26.5)”                   Short sleeves: 14 (14, 16, 16, 18, 18) cm/5.5 (5.5, 6.25, 6.25, 7, 7)”                                           OR 3/4 sleeves: 36 (36, 33.5, 33.5, 31, 31) cm/14.25 (14.25, 13.25, 13.25, 12.25, 12.25)”       OR long sleeves: 50 (50, 47.5, 47.5, 45, 45) cm/19.75 (19.75, 18.75, 18.75, 17.75, 17.75)” Cowl: Circumference: 33 cm/13”, length: 123 cm/48.5″

Yarn: Hifa, Perle in red purple sh 18357 (100% Egyptian mercerized cotton, 670 m/732yds, 200 g cone), see ull.                                                                                                Jacket with short sleeves: 2 (2, 2, 3, 3, 3) cones: 1005 (1172, 1340, 1507, 1675, 1843) m/1099 (1282, 1465, 1648, 1832, 2015) yds.                                                                         Jacket with long or 3/4 sleeves: 2 (3, 3, 3, 3, 4) cones: 1340 (1507, 1675, 1843, 2010, 2178) m/1465 (1648, 1832, 2015, 2198, 2382) yds. 3/4 sleeves version uses approx 135 m/147 yds less in each size.                                                                                                        Cowl: 1 cone: 600m/656 yds

Yarn alternatives: Filatura di Crosa, Dolce Amore (100% cotton, 181 m/198yds, 50 g), see tahkistacycharles.                                                                                                          Fyberspates, Vivacious 4 ply (100% superwash merino, 365 m/399 yds, 100 g), see fyberspates.                                                                                                                                      Anzula, Squishy (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon, 352 m/385 yds, 115 g), see anzula or another fingering/4 ply (14 wpi) yarn.

Needles: 3 mm/US 2.5 circular needle (80 cm/32”) for jacket, (40 cm/16”) for cowl or size needed to match gauge.

Notions: 2 stitch markers, 5 stitch holders, spare circular needle in same or smaller size than working needles, yarn needle and waste yarn for cowl cast on.

Gauge: 24 sts and 34 rows in Flower Wave Pattern measures 10 cm/4″ square. 24 sts and 36 rows in garter st measures 10 cm/4″ square. 30 sts and 34 rnds in stocking st measures 10 cm/4″ square. Or size needed to match gauge.

Next is my first test knit of 2014: The Nora Sweater.


Photo Shoot Pics – Part Three: Regal Purple Jacket

Francesca, Marveng PucketTest knitting of the English pattern of Regal Purple Jacket & Cowl is nearly complete, and I will release the pattern on Ravelry at the end of the month. But first I would like to show you the stunning photos Kim Müller took of the amazing dancer Francesca Golfetto during our photo shoot in September. You have already seen it the setting with Kim, Francesca and my husband in action at Aker Brygge/Wharf in Oslo. Above is the jacket showing the v-neck shaping, garter stitch and rolling stocking stitch neckband, and the short sleeves. It is knitted in the beautiful mercerized 4-ply/fingering cotton yarn called Perle/Pearl from Hifa, see ull, using 3mm/US 2.5, and will be published in Norwegian by Familien in their separate magazine Vårens Strikkebok/Spring Knitting book with Kim’s photos together with 3 other of my designs; Tyrol JacketNora Sweater and Lace Ridge Top. I am very pleased with this, as you can imagine!

Francesca, Marveng Pucket

Here is the long cowl, knitted in the round in stocking stitch with reverse stocking stitch stripes, where I turned instead of purling several rows at a time and to hide the hole where I turned I made a yarn over which I decreased with the last stitch on the round. The cowl is plain to emphasize the lace pattern on the jacket itself and fits two times around if you want it closer around your neck, see below. As for the lace pattern it does look more complicated than it is, since half the pattern repeat is garter stitch and half of the lace rows are repeated twice within the pattern repeat. I have chosen to end the lace pattern where the shaping begins on around the armholes, neck and on the sleeve cap since I find it hard to keep the stitch count in lace otherwise. But you are very welcome to adjust the pattern to your own preference. The English pattern comes with instructions with optional 3/4 and long sleeves while the Norwegian one in Strikkeboka only has the short sleeves since they are the only ones photographed. And it will not be long until you can see the test knitted versions linked to the pattern on Ravelry, but in the mean time I hope you are enjoying this før-jul/pre-Christmas time!

Francesca, Marveng Pucket


New Design: Regal Purple Jacket

I am thrilled to present my latest design, complete: Regal Purple Jacket. The vibrant, rich purple catch my attention and demanded to be chosen out of the 62 marvelous colours on offer in Perle, meaning pearl in Norwegian, a divine mercerized 4-ply/fingering cotton with a crisp stitch definition from Hifa, see ull. I chose a pattern, I have named Flower Wave, which is half lace and half garter stitch hence easy to memorize. With garter stitch inside the pattern it also became the obvious choice for the edging. Regal Purple Jacket has an A-line shape with added garter stitches in the side for decreasing, with short sleeves and a V-neck with a garter stitch then stocking stitch band. It is knitted flat and sewn together to give stability to the garment. The pattern has been sold to the Norwegian magazine Familien where it will be printed next spring/summer.

As a contrast and an add on, I decided it needed an accessory so I made a cowl, made all in stocking stitch with stripes in reverse stocking stitch, knitted as a tube I turned so I could continue to knit instead of purling to make the stripes, and grafted it together at the end. I still have a bit of work left on the pattern (read: grading) but I am pleased with the result!