Easter 2024

Easter is here, and there is no snow on the ground but there is still ice on the lake – Rødnessjøen. Above you see our tulips and eggs that Michael has decorated with the British Embassy (Ørje) logo he has made. We will be staying at home this Easter and I will be knitting, maybe you will too?

I wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you will receive an Easter Egg, regardless whether you have to fill it yourself or not! Stay safe and well! Happy Knitting!


Photoshoot at Bøler Church 2023: Chiasa

The next set of photos I will share from the photoshoot in Bøler Church last December is of the dress Chiasa made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk in their Tinde pelt wool yarn.
I decided to use the church organ in the chapel as the background for Chiasa. Make-up & Hair stylist Hina Suleman suggested to braid jazz singer Anette Løvtangen’s hair. Here are the brilliant pictures that photographer Eivind Røhne took of her.

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NSF Annual Knitting Weekend in Tromsø

NSF/Norwegian Knitting Association celebrates 10 years this year so this time the annual knitting weekend was in Tromsø and I was invited to join as the editorial team for the digital membership magazine “På pinnen”, working with editor Tove Fevang. Continue reading