Knit Café 14th March

The yarn shop Nøstet Mitt, see, has invited me to talk about my newly published book and show all the garments on models on Wednesday 14th March, 18.00 to 21.00, at Lille Persille a gastrocafé, next to the yarn shop, at Lambertseter Shopping Centre in Oslo. I am thrilled to have the opportunity not only to show all the knitted garments this time, as opposed to a selection at my book launch, and tell you my history, inspiration and design process, to a knitting audience. You will have the chance to see and feel all the garments in addition to having your book signed.

Nøstet Mitt takes over the whole mezzanine floor of Lille Persille, which offers a selection of food, sweets and drinks as well as comfortable chairs & sofas. The shop will be open throughout the evening so you have the opportunity to buy books & yarn. From 20.00 to 21.00 Nøstet Mitt offers a 25% discount on everything, yet another reason to be there! In addition there will be a draw for gift voucher with the value of 500 nok valid in all 3 shops. The knit café is free and no booking is necessary since there is plenty of space. I do hope you can come!

My book displayed next to a cone of Alv Kamgarn by Hifa, knitted double in the Spine Sweater inspired by the late Alexander McQueen worn by ballerina Cristiane Sá and photographed by Kim Müller at the Architectural Museum.

Photograph: Kim Müller

The yarn, in beautiful grey shades, is also used in the Tweed Jacket, knitted double with fairisle sleeves and tweed patterned body. I chose to use yarn remnants to make a small matching cowl and the thicker Huldra Kamgarn, in dark rose-red, to knit a larger cowl with wrist warmers. Bring your knitting and join me on Wednesday 14th March at the knit café! Welcome!

Photograph: Kim Müller


Skiing in Mid-February

I have skis somewhere, probably in my brother’s garage, sticks and boots in out-dated style and size since they were bought while I were still a teenager – ages ago! London does not offer many opportunities to ski so buying new ones have not been a priority exactly. But with all this lovely winter weather, while I am back in my Norwegian mother country, has made me realise the need for new equipment.

Here is a photo from a recent ski race at Skullerud in Øst Marka, the forest that surrounds Oslo, and I must say that I do admire the how easily these children can ski totally without using their sticks! I obviously need to practice a lot more…

My niece received her first pair, Christmas 1 year ago, at the tender age of 3! While she was keen to test them straight away, indoors, my brother had quite a job explaining why that was not such a good idea. I can report that they have been tested on snow and are in use.

Another photo from Marka where I love walking and will ski one day soon!


Book Launch – part 2

The book launch for ‘To rett en vrang. Designstrikk’ went so well and I had more photographs taken by Guri Pfeifer so I had to write another post about it. It was exhilarating to be able to present my first knitting book to the audience it was meant for, all of you Norwegian knitters who want inspiration as well as flattering and trendy knitting patterns, and show a selection of the garments on gorgeous looking models.

Here I am demonstrating how the reversible Japanese Vest, with only one armhole can be worn in two different ways with a shawl pin: Long with a small collar or short with a large collar. Katja is modeling the vest, knitted in Huldra Kamgarn by Hifa.

Photograph: Guri Pfeifer

Photograph: Guri Pfeifer

One of the most popular patterns is this Japanese Lace Jacket with a small puffed sleeve and a pattern from a Japanese stitch dictionary, hence the name. Worn by Anna and knitted in the soft Amoretto by Thomas Kvist Yarns.

Another popular pattern is the Mohair Poncho worn Katja, knitted in Alamo, now discontinued but can be replaced by Destiny Mohair, by Texere Yarns. It is an easy knit on 5 mm/US 8 needles, made up of 3 rectangles sewn together. My idea was to design a more fashionable poncho, than the ones worn decades ago, with a matching set of wrist-warmers.

Photograph: Guri Pfeifer

Blackberry pattern is an old favourite of mine, used here in a sweater knitted in Egyptian Cotton, held double, by BC Garn worn by Anna. I love wearing loose collars because they can be taken off, easily and make the sweater look more ‘dressed up’.

Photograph: Guri Pfeifer

Last picture from the fashion show is the Daisy Shrug and Snood, knitted in Tynn Alpakka by Du Store Alpakka, worn by Katja. It can easily be worn on top of a dress, oversized shirt or tunica instead of these body conscious clothes.

Photograph: Guri Pfeifer

I am so grateful that so many people came to my book launch, that ‘Nøstet Mitt’ took the challenge to sell yarn for the patterns, see, and that my publishers, see, believed in me. Thank you!


Book Launch – part 1

I am very proud to present you photos from my knitting book launch of ‘To rett en vrang. Designstrikk’ at Cappelen Damm held last Thursday. Around 60 people made it to the launch, including sponsors, family and friends. Here I am, in the middle, with gorgeous models Katja and Anna!

Photograph: Guri Pfeifer

By the time my husband, Michael and I arrived the yarn stall by ‘Nøstet Mitt’ was already set up! I was delighted that they decided to take part in my launch, so that those present would have the chance to touch and feel a large selection of the yarn chosen for the book and several of the alternative ones. You can see their yarn selection on their website With a lot of assistance from my editor, Inger Margrethe and Hobby Book Club editor Guri, I hung the knitted garments to be worn by models Anna and Katja on a rail, later to be transferred next to the yarn stall for everyone to study in detail.

Next Anna and Katja tried on the selected shoes and boots before they tested their catwalk round. I wanted them to stop on the stage so that I could comment on their garments and show the different ways they could be worn before the continued on their round. Playing in the background is a film made by the wonderful photos taken by Kim Müller for my book created by my husband with Norwegian music by Øystein Sevåg.

While Events Manager, Kristin,  informed me about the agenda and how to use the so-called ‘mosquito microphone’, I recalled my 20 year old tour-leader experience and remembered the old-fashioned microphones which left a black mark on your chin. During the fashion show and my presentation of the book, the inside cover with Cristiane Sá was on the screens and the music was Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

Each model showed 7 garments each and thankfully Anne Grethe and Vibeke from ‘Nøstet Mitt’ had offered to wear one as well. Here I am showing the reversible Cabled Snood, knitted in Ultra Alpaca Fine by Berroco, and the different ways it can be worn.

In between talking about what the models were wearing, I talked about my knitting journey and the book process.

Photograph: Guri Pfeifer

Anna posing wearing the Lilac Shrug and wrist-warmers, that can be buttoned on, knitted in 4-ply mohair from Wagtail Yarns.

Photograph: Guri Pfeifer

Anna wearing the Japanese Lace Jacket, knitted in Amoretto by Thomas Kvist Yarns, a popular pattern & yarn choice.

After the fashion show, I was given beautiful flowers by my publisher and I had by then been given several bouquets by my friends! I was then asked to sign books and had brought a pile of pens, just in case …

More professional photos taken by Guri Pfeifer from the fashion show will follow. Do take a look at more of her stunning photos on The remaining photos were taken by my husband, in case you were wondering…


Loosely Woven Shrug and Wrist-warmers

Another design for Thomas Kvist Yarns, I have just finished. A Japanese inspired shrug with wrist-warmers that can be tied on with a cord, so that they stay up. The shrug can be worn several different ways with a shawl pin. It can be folded into a Japanese triangle at the front and fastened, or as a traditional shrug. Knitted in Amoretto, a lovely soft and warm mixture of 45 % alpaca and 50% cotton with a small percentage of polyamide 5%, 100 g/3.5 oz hank, 250 m/273 yds. Tension/guage is 27 sts in pattern equals 10cm/4″ square using 3 mm/ US 2-3. Amoretto has a stunning stitch definition as seen here. Here is a close up of the swatch.

Here is a picture of the shrug worn as a laced polo neck fastened with a shawl pin at the back, creating a hood, and with the wrist-warmers tied on. It is available in 10 beautiful colours, several of them are marled. The pattern will be available in both Norwegian and in English. I am waiting to see it professionally photographed and will keep you posted. See


Press Coverage

I found myself on the cover of the Culture & Opinion section of Aftenposten/Evening Post, the largest newspaper in Norway, together with 9 other non-fiction debutants last Thursday morning. It was quite a shock to see myself there despite knowing it would be in the paper soon, but not necessarily on the cover! All 10 of us were interviewed by journalist Kaja Korsvold, at an impressive speed, while we kept commenting and occasionally interrupting in the background, and then photographed both together and separately by Trygve Indrelid. From top left:

  • Benedicte Rasmussen describes her burnout experience (publisher: Cappelen Damm).
  • Roger Pihl/Stein Inge Johannessen (standing next to Pihl on the photo spread) describes the legal injustice done to Johannessen, who was wrongly accused and imprisoned of a murder he did not commit (Juritzen).
  • Eline Johnsen Helledal writes about her brother’s drug addiction (Gyldendal).
  • Peter Wallace/Peder Kjøs demystifies burnout therapy (Vigmostad & Bjørke).
  • Anne Marie Fosse Teigen writes about couple therapy and lasting love (Samlaget).
  • My book cover and yours truly (Cappelen Damm).
  • Anne Synnøve Simensen publishes a biography of the feminist Bertha von Suttner responsible for the Nobel Peace Price (Cappelen Damm).
  • Anders Ravik Jupskås writes about extreme Europe, ideology, causes and consequences (Cappelen Damm).
  • Not photographed on the cover (standing behind Jupskås on the photo spread): Kristenn Einarsson tells the book clubs’ history and his own experience as a book pusher (Gyldendal).

Anders Ravik Jupskås, with his PhD thesis on right populist parties in Scandinavia, has already had world wide press coverage after the terror attack of 22nd July in Norway. It is still a topic on everyones’ lips due to the preparation of Anders Behring Breivik’s court case to be held in April. In the aftermath of the terror attack, the outrage and sorrow each and every Norwegian feel continues, throughout the constant press coverage, on behalf of all the bereaved families whose grief we can only imagine…

“The reasonable debutants

Fiction: The genre has been strong in Norway, but it is changing. We have met 10 of the spring’s newly out sprung authors on the non-fiction front. They are publishing everything from knitting books to a book about right extremism.”

So many interesting books well worth reading, all of us debutants agreed upon.

The well chosen heading for the presentation of my book is ‘A different Knitting book’. Kaja Korsvold has included my art history background, my inspiration from international designers, my choice of dancers from the National Ballet as models and that the book is suitable for everyone from new to more experienced knitters.

I was fortunate to have both my photo and my book cover on the front of the Culture section. Francesca Golfetto, the ballerina on the cover of my book, was told by numerous friends that she was on the cover of the newspaper and had to consider for a moment why on earth she would be there…

Next week, I am going to be interviewed by Lev Landlig, formerly Country Life, and have my book launch. I will keep you posted.


Invitation to Launch

Here is the invitation to all of you that are interested in knitting, and in the Oslo area, to the book launch on 16th February 18.00 at Cappelen Damm, Akersgata 47/49, Oslo. We are planning a fashion show with 2 models and a selection of the sophisticated, flattering and fashionable garments, a yarn shop stand by Nøstet Mitt offering fabulous yarns, see and an open Kafé Elling. It is a free event and I will sign books for sale. Do bring your knitting, if you want to, and sign up by e-mailing Liv Grønback by 14th February at I hope to see you there for an inspirational evening, but if you are not able to come I will post about it and include photos from the event! Welcome!


Aker Brygge/Wharf Yesterday

I like the look of these geometrical formed flats against the sky at Aker Brygge/Wharf in Oslo, photographed yesterday in -15°C / 5°F.

I wanted to show you the steps by the water, I chose as a background for some of my knitted garments, for my newly published knitting book available in Norwegian ‘To rett en vrang. Designstrikk’ and their surroundings with a touch of snow. The strong wind has made it look quite like it is dabbed on, especially on the bush, I think!

This is how the steps looked like in early September. Here is Kari-Anne Næssø wearing Snood with Cables knitted in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine held double using a 4 mm/US 6 needle. The snood also looks great worn twice around the neck!

Photograph: Kim Müller

Aker Brygge was my first workplace after finishing college and its location by the fjord makes it special! It is still, 20 years later, being extended further. This photo of Kari-Anne is taken outside the popular restaurant Bølgen & Moi at Tjuvholmen, well-worth testing see When we took our lunch break, Kari-Anne was the only one dressed for the part in full make-up, hair beautifully pinned into a bun and wearing styled clothes. Here she is wearing the Japanese Vest pinned together, knitted in Huldra Kamgarn by Hifa see and my post on swatches from 16th. December 2011.

Photograph: Kim Müller

Next week I will invite all of you that are interested in knitting and in the Oslo area to the book launch…