Design in Progress: Autumn Symphony

DSC_0907I am working on another A-line jacket in a leaves pattern in a deep red melange in the stunning Ask, a pure Sport/5 ply wool from Hifa using a 3.5 mm/US 4 with 315 m/344 yds per 100 g, see ull. After a bit of consideration I decided to make it a v-neck, and added a double button band in stocking stitch. Only the buttons need to be sewn on, before it is ready to be photographed. Why not make a wide belt to lengthen the jacket, I thought and choose two complementary colors to the red: orange and terra-cotta. The belt needs a certain firmness to hold it shape so I choose a tweed pattern. The jacket would look good with a generous cowl – like they do in my opinion – and another lace pattern was chosen plus the largest contrast color; orange. The cowl is ready, and I have knitted a third of the belt so far. I will show you photos when the Autumn Symphony is ready!



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