Professionally photographed: Arcade Vest

Familien sttrikk forsider høst13My Arcade Vest has been photographed twice by the Norwegian Magazine Familien/The Family. Once is usually sufficient but since the stylist had unknowingly chosen to use the wrong side out, not showing the cables, it had to be photographed again. I must admit that it took me a couple of seconds to discover what was wrong with the photo until the penny dropped. The straight vest inspired by Haider Ackermann’s architectonic style and jewel colors was not meant to be reversible nor did I consider that some knitters would prefer the wrong side out. The abstract pattern has its admirers, just as the beautiful Norsk Pelsull/Norwegian Furyarn from Hifa it is knitted in. Below is one of the photos from the second series of photos with the right side out. Both are taken by Esten A. Borgos and will be shown in Familien when the pattern is published, date to be confirmed. I can also reveal that I chose to include the vest in my photo shoot and that it has now been photographed professionally three times. To be continued.

Familien forsider høst 13


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  1. it is a compliment that your finishing skills are so wonderful that the photographer and stylist picked the wrong side to feature. Not every one leaves a sweaters wrong side looking as perfect as the public side.

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