Arcade Vest in Familien

DSC_1295On the cover of the latest issue – no 3 – of the Norwegian magazine Familien is my Arcade Vest in the bottom left corner, photographed by Esten A. Borgos. The straight vest is inspired by Haider Ackermann’s architectonic style and jewel colours. It features arcades knitted by cables, framed by double moss/seed stitch and ends with an I-cord trim around the neck and armholes. The double front gives the vest weight – close it as you prefer with a shawlpin or a belt. Close it at the top for a trendy look and an asymmetrical opening. The sample is knitted in the beautiful Norsk Pelsull/Norwegian Furyarn from Hifa in a turquoise mélange color, see The pattern is available in size S to 3XL, bust measurement 92 cm/36.25″ to 134 cm/52.75″, for more details see ravelry. I am delighted with the responses to the vest on Facebook and Ravelry so far, and love following the test knit of the English pattern still ongoing in my group on Ravelry. The English pattern will be released in my Ravelry store after the test knit is complete.

DSC_1294-PS Edit-2Familien did not have enough space to show the vest with the wrong side out, which turned out surprisingly well, despite it being unintentionally photographed so. I already know one knitter who prefer the abstract side out as a result of that photo shoot, see this earlier blog post: professionally-photographed-arcade-vest. You can also follow my design process of it from the swatch to my own photo shoot here on my blog, if you want to backtrack: new-design-arcade-vest.


Professionally photographed: Arcade Vest

Familien sttrikk forsider høst13My Arcade Vest has been photographed twice by the Norwegian Magazine Familien/The Family. Once is usually sufficient but since the stylist had unknowingly chosen to use the wrong side out, not showing the cables, it had to be photographed again. I must admit that it took me a couple of seconds to discover what was wrong with the photo until the penny dropped. The straight vest inspired by Haider Ackermann’s architectonic style and jewel colors was not meant to be reversible nor did I consider that some knitters would prefer the wrong side out. The abstract pattern has its admirers, just as the beautiful Norsk Pelsull/Norwegian Furyarn from Hifa it is knitted in. Below is one of the photos from the second series of photos with the right side out. Both are taken by Esten A. Borgos and will be shown in Familien when the pattern is published, date to be confirmed. I can also reveal that I chose to include the vest in my photo shoot and that it has now been photographed professionally three times. To be continued.

Familien forsider høst 13