Happy Knitmas & Holidays, Merry Christmas

Christmas 2020, so unlike last year due to the Corona virus, yet it will be another Knitmas for me. The holidays always seem to sneak up on me and suddenly there are only days left until Tiny Little Christmas Eve; 22nd of December. Despite the fact that I have worked with Christmas patterns for the Norwegian magazine Familien since July, so my first Christmas greeting I received from the handicraft editor back then. No wonder I loose track, really. Just like the previous years Michael and I will be celebrating Christmas Eve with my brother and his family, as well as my mum, but this time keeping the required Corona distance in between us.

I will take some time off to relax between knitting and pattern writing, before my next pattern release on 1st of January 2021.

Above is the interior of the Arctic Cathedral, photographed by Michael during our holiday in Tromsø in Northern Norway back in July. “The fantastic glass mosaic on the eastern side was added in 1972. The glass mosaic is one of artist Victor Sparre’s most prominent works. It depicts God’s hand from which departs three rays of light: one through Jesus, one through a woman and one through a man”. Continues on the webpage to the Arctic Cathedral. Beneath you can see Michael outside the main entrance on the western side of the Cathedral. You can see more photos from our trip to Northern Norway here: Postcard from Northern Norway and Tromsø Architecture and – of course – Northern Norway Knit Photos.

Stay well and safe! I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Knitmas and Holidays!