Strikk til smårollinger

Strikk-til-smaarollinger_hd_imageKnitting clothes for small children is the English translation of this charming book by two sisters; Eli Østgård and Mette Harbo, who have 11 children together, and hence are very focused on children’s fashion and especially knitting. Together with their third sister, they have a popular blog called GustavogBerta, where you can see their retro style inspired by their own mother, and the outfits they wore as children. The book contains 50 patterns for children at the age of 0 to 6 years, in a classical, or modern or retro style in different difficulty levels. It is a book to treasure with stunning photos, taken by different photographers including the sisters themselves, that makes you smile, and wanting to dress up all the small children you know in these outfits. Take a look inside the book here: Issuu. The book is available in selected bookshops in Norway and directly from the publisher Gyldendal. You will find one of the patterns for a pleated skirt in Norwegian on Gyldendal’s blog, together with Easter Greetings, see Puff.Gyldendal.