ioánna Tjøme Fashion Show

DSCN2020 ioánnaA few days ago, I received an invitation from my friend – and model in my book – Kari-Anne Næssø for a fashion show organized by ioánna Tjøme at Rosenborg Selskapslokaler/Party premises. I recognized the Greek fashion designer name: Ioánna Kourbela from a shop in London, near Spitalfields where I have bought 2 cardigans (read: and I rarely buy cardigans since I design and knit my own!), and was so happy to find that not only is there a shop at Tjøme, south west of Oslo but the fashion show would show a selection of garments available for sale in Oslo. What I love about the designs are they beauty, versatility and that they can be worn in different ways – take a look at the timeless cardigan worn in 25 different ways – hence adjusted to your mood or preference. The models were the 3 artists in Fam Fatal, all of different sizes and with an amazing sense of humor, plus talent. The man above, is the husband of the shop owner Torunn, borrowed to read flattering lines accompanying the singer to our amusement.

DSCN2027 ioánnaFam Fatal volunteered to take part in the fashion show merely because they love the garments and wanted to show they look fab on all sizes. The hostess Jannike Heitun Kjuus wears a teal colored long dress below to the right, Torunn wears two different dresses on top of each other and a friend of Jannike wears a short pale red dress – she obviously had to walk on the red carpet too! Below you see Torunn asking her to prepare for the catwalk.

DSCN2028 ioánna

In the photo below you see the back of my friend Kari-Anne wearing a stunning dress, that has been tied up on the inside with a couple of strings for the occasion. She had been assisting all day with the preparation of the finger food, and was serving drinks when we arrived. Kari-Ann also had to walk on the catwalk to show off the dress she was wearing.

DSCN2008 ioánna

Below you see the front of the dress Kari-Anne is wearing in a different color combination. We both found gorgeous dresses we loved, both in the higher price range so typical of us both. So we did not buy any dresses but many of the women present did. I also had the chance to win a cardigan with the raffle ticket I received when I entered. 3 very lucky women went home with a cardigan each. I am dreaming about a purple (or maybe black or maybe white) long dress, it will not take you long to spot it at the website Ioánna Kourbela, and yes it can be worn with the deep collar at the front: hanging loose or across your shoulder or at the back. End of.

DSCN2002 ioánna