Letters on Food Exhibition at The Thief

On Tuesday The Thief, a unique hotel in Oslo which promotes Norwegian art & design, and DogA/The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture presented a new selection of young industrial designers in a pop-up exhibition called “Letters on Food” focusing on serving objects. Where better to present it, than at the restaurant, Fru K/Mrs K, so that the products could be shown in use, and we were able to taste the delicious samples? The initiative behind the exhibition is the List of The Thief which lifts industrial designers up from their narrow niches, and into people’s homes in Norway and Internationally. The main focus was on designers Runa Klock and Marte Frøystad who have created a series of innovative serving objects, produced by Figgjo. They consist of three different shell shaped dishes, each made to improve our taste buds by hitting different places of the tongue. Especially, the crispy bacon in a pea sauce garnished with herbs, was divine with its contrasting tastes and hit the right spot. According to the curator Benedicte Sunde the objects where chosen as examples on how to raise the esthetic experience, and at the same time safeguard the product’s functionality. The two are among the designers to be exhibited as part of 100% Norway at  London Design Festival. The pop-up exhitibion is open to the public until 26th August, and why not try their the breakfast on offer at the same time since it was named the jet-setter and given six out of six points by the largest paper in Norway, see osloby. I have tested it too, see inside-the-thief and totally agree!