Book Launch: Votter by Nina Granlund Sæther

12487065_10156367055735361_2225260334015340371_oLast Wednesday I went to the book launch of Votter/Mittens by editor, journalist, hand craft teacher and acknowledged author Nina Granlund Sæther and Sitteunderlag/Mat Seat by first time author Ann-Heidrun Skår. Above you see Nina, photographed by Ellen T. Andresen aka Siso Designs, reading from her book like authors usually do but it was hilarious since she was reading from one of the 43 knitting patterns in her book. Everyone present knew knitspeak so we understood. Nina told us about her hunt for the mittens, and her visits to museums in 10 of Norway’s counties, as well as her online search. A total of 30 of the patterns are reconstructed based on historic materials while the remaining ones are her own designs. The history to the different mittens is beautifully presented in the book with brilliant photos by Guri Pfeifer. No wonder that the book is on the best seller list really. 17 500 copies are sold so far, hence the 3rd edition has just gone to print. I predict that it will be translated into English just like two of Nina’s previous books: Putefest/Cushion Party published as: Making Cushions and Pillows: 60 Cushions and Pillows to Sew, Stitch, Knit and Crochet as well as Raske Sting/Quick Stitches published as The Joy of Stitching. See The publisher Cappelen Damm predicted that the knitting wave would wane, but it does not show any signs of it here in Norway.

12615366_10156367027470361_8858140010843196765_oAnn-Heidrun Skår’s book about how to needle felt and crochet then felt Sitteunderlag/Mat Seat has just hit the book stores. Editor Kaja Marie Lereng Kvernbakken asked her about her inspiration and she told us how her family had assisted in the drawing process. A number of knitters, we were told did not want to use the mats as mat seats but used them instead as table mats. In the photo above, also photographed by Ellen T. Andresen, you see a large selection of her mat seats. Do read, with or without the aid of Google translate, Kaja Marie’s reply to what a knitter is at

MMP-8408There were a number of us fellow designers that wanted to attend Nina’s launch and many of us queued up so that Nina could sign our newly bought copies. We were chatting away at the end of the queue. Some had to leave to prepare their own upcoming book launch like: Vanja Blix Langsrud, see the cover on her & Tone Loeng’s book Koftefest. Vanja is also selling her own knitting calendar here: From left in the photo above, taken by my husband, is designer and translator Denise Samson and her friend & knitter Mona Helén Rønningsen, designer Ellen T. Andresen in a bought kofte and me wearing Sarya. Denise was just telling us about her hectic period before Christmas and her new book coming in April. The knitting wave definitely continues here in Norway.