Photo Shoot

DSCN1458Last Sunday I had a photo shoot! The first one, I have organized since doing it for my book. I did not need to look for a photographer nor model since I knew exactly who I wanted: Professional Photographer Kim Müller and Dancer from the Norwegian National Ballet; Francesca Golfetto – see her bio and marvelous performance photos here: Operaen. Kim photographed my book with a magic touch, and Francesca captured my design dreams. Finding a date that suited both, and at the same time allowed me time to finish off two garments, was a lot harder. Sunday 29th of September it was, and my husband volunteered as a photo assistant with the hope of learning some tricks from Kim. We hoped the rain would stay away, and were ever so grateful to wake up to a cloudy but dry day. Seven garments were to be photographed and I had carefully planned what Francesca should wear with each one, including instructing her on make-up and hair. The photo location was Tjuvholmen at the end of Aker Brygge/Wharf in Oslo. We began next to the Astrup Fearnley Museum and ended up on the stairs outside of Bølgen & Moi where we had a well deserved delicious lunch halfway through the shoot. Above you see the stunning Francesca wearing the Regal Purple Jacket, currently being test knitted in my group on Ravelry. I had a brilliant day, thanks to Kim, Francesca and my husband! I cannot wait to see all of Kim’s photos and show you my latest designs!