Domkirkeodden – The Ruins of Hamar Cathedral

Our friends Chris & Martin, who came from London to visit us, wanted to go to the Domkirkeodden, an open-air museum in Hamar, so we did and it was only a short drive from the Wood Hotel – where we stayed for a night. The ruins of Hamar Cathedral, erected with the creation of the diocese in 1152/1153, is located at the highest point of the headland with a view of the lake Mjøsa inside a protective structure of steel and glass hence called the Glass Cathedral. This structure to preserve the ruins was completed in 1998  and made by Lund+Slaatto Architects. The overwhelming size of the remaining columns and the sun shining in create a celestial feeling when you walk around inside the cathedral. There is a long waiting list for weddings, as you can imagine. Above you see Michael walking about. Continue reading