Makeløs Festaften in Fredrikstad

_dsc2626-1920x1200_72Makeløs/Remarkable re-design stylist Kristin Elise Halkjelsvik was in charge of the catwalk with a mix of new & old handcraft designs and jewellery to make numerous unique as well as colourful inspirational outfits, at the party night on the Strikkefestival/Knitting festival in Fredrikstad. Kristin combines new & old knitwear with embroidered table cloths, bell pulls and lengths of tulle fabric. With knitwear from Tone Loeng, Vanja Blix Langsrud, Sidsel Høivik, Kristin Holte, Nina Granlund Sæther, Annemor Sundbø and myself, together with jewellery from Siri Berrefjord and Gry Marie Grindbakken, in addition to a co-operation with local hairdressers Adam og Eva, Kristin made outfits that takes your breath away. The logistics with 14 models, 5 dressers to aid the models, a violinist to open the show, a sound technician and 25 outfits with accessories down to shoes, takes a lot of time, space (both head space and literal space to hang all the outfits) plus energy. Thankfully Kristin seems to have an endless supply of energy, unlike most people I know.

_dsc2628-1920x1200_72First out is the Setesdal Lovely outfit with brooches by Siri Berrefjord and bridal crown by Gry Marie Grindbakken. The coat has embroidered cuffs and neck and is worn with hand made lace cuffs & lace collar, in addition to layers of tulle skirts and fabric for a belt. All these crisp photos are taken by Geir Arnesen, and I am ever so grateful to be allowed to use them here. Thank you, Geir!

_dsc2648-1920x1200_72Here is another bridal crown, this one is by Kristin Holte and so is the knitted jacket. The brooches are by Siri Berrefjord. We enjoyed the colourful explosion to our senses, and I really wanted a pair of opera binoculars to take in more of the details. But since I stayed over with Kristin and her family I was lucky to have a sneak peek the day before.

_dsc2680-1920x1200_72This dress is part of Kristin Holte’s wedding outfit, usually worn with the cardigan and crown above. All the knitted flowers makes it heavy but also so sculptural.

_dsc2670-1920x1200_72My Lattice Back Jacket worn over one of Kristin’s many beautiful table cloths. Siri was present and pinned on her own brooches as she saw fit, just as Kristin had suggested.

_dsc2713-1920x1200_72This kofte is by Vanja Blix Langsrud, aka vanjastrikk, a new design called Blanda Drops. It is worn by Elise, Kristin’s daughter and now experienced model with a professional attitude.

_dsc2779-1920x1200_72Last but not least is the winner of the competition for the Fredrikstad Genseren 2017 by Marianne Solbrække, styled as only Kristin knows how to with layers of tulle skirts in matching colours. The catwalk went too quickly for us knitters who wanted more, but it was the highlight of the party evening that began with an introduction by the knitting organisers (read: knitting motors), music by a band, a buffet with delcious finger food, the mayor announcing the winner of the Fredrikstad pullover contest, chatting and not to forget knitting! I was not giving my knitting enough attention, so I ended up unraveling what I had done. I was fortunate to catch a lift with designer Sidsel Høivik who live close to me. Hence the weekend ended just as it had began with talk about knitting.


Book Presentation by Kristin Holte

DSCN0371In the middle of November I went to “Kunst, Håndverk og Design“/Art, Handcrafts and Design fair organized by Fager-Design at the sports hall at the university in Oslo. Designer Kristin Holte held an interesting talk about her two Norwegian knitting books; “Kofter” and “Strikkede Skatter“/Knitted Treasures. She has researched old Scandinavian ornaments used in textiles and how the knitting trend reached Europe in the 13-Century. In both her books she tells the history behind the pattern and symbols, as well as how it has inspired her to make her updated version of it. Kristin herself has a background in arts, crafts and design. She is currently taking a Master’s degree in traditional art at Høgskolen in Telemark.

DSCN0374This is how she describes her work: “When I start to knit professionally, I mixed a lot of different yarn qualities in my work, or combined the knitting with other textile techniques, always challenge the material to get my own expressions in the work. The last years I have been focused on hand knitting and Norwegian and Nordic knitting traditions.                      The result of this work has been 3 hand knitting books with models and patterns for sweaters, cardigans and mittens.                                                                                                             Now I am back to where I started, and try to combine the drawing of new ornaments based on the traditional folk art and the play with colors and different materials in my work.”

DSCN0375I enjoyed hearing Kristin talk about her projects, and admire her feminine style as well as modern take on traditional stitch patterns. See the fancy fur yarn band on the sweater at the top and all the crocheted roses along the bands in the photo above. Do check out more of her patterns on her website: Thank you, Kristin!