Northern Norway Knit Photos

I promised to show you some knitting photos from Northern Norway; here they are. I brought my Aife pullover with my so that we could photograph it at the Blåisvannet/Blue Lake in Lyngen, outside of Tromsø. Here I am photographed by Michael wearing my hiking trousers and mountain boots with my design Aife knitted in Dye Dye Done Pure Sport. I believed I would need it during our hike to the Blue Lake, but since the weather cleared and it got warmer, I had it in my backpack. The Aife pattern is available on Ravelry and on Love Crafts.

Aife was the Queen of the Isle of Shadow according to Celtic mythology. This elaborate cabled pullover with a slightly fitted waist, is made for a female warrior. A large cable panel, created by Devorgilla, is mirrored with two small cables at the center. The sweater ends in a generous turtle neck in ribbing. To show off the stunning hand dyed Pure Sport yarn by Dye Dye Done, the sleeves are in stockinette stitch with only two small centered cables. Aife is knitted in pieces for the ultimate fit.

The next knit design I wanted to show you is the Autumn Symphony that Grete Jenssen, aka ma9 on Ravelry, knitted for herself – and not as a sample for me – photographed by Michael at smooth rock surface at Tungeneset with that view to the Okshornan/Ox horn cliffs at the island of Senja outside of Tromsø. You can see my photo of Michael at the same spot in this blogpost: Postcard from Northern Norway. Read about alpine climbing these cliffs here: Okshornan på Senja.

My introduction to the pattern, available on Ravelry and on Love Crafts, follows: Leaves cover this A-lined jacket knitted in one piece with a false seam in a middle of the stocking stitch panel. The sleeves are knitted in the round with leaves up to the shaping where the lace pattern is changed to reverse stocking stitch. A belt in autumn coloured tweed lengthens the jacket and introduces the orange wrap. Or why not wear the wrap as a belt and opposite. Choose your three favorite colours, then make your outfit.

Last but not least is Grete on the beach outside their house in Markenes, Storsteinnes outside of Tromsø, close to midnight late in July, wearing her stunning Mohair Poncho. One she knitted for herself from my Norwegian book, but now also available in English on Ravelry and Love Crafts.

A poncho not reminiscent of the -70s but fashionable in addition to being warm, was my aim. It is easy to knit in 3 identical rectangular pieces but an intermediate challenge to sew together. The yarn I have chosen is a mixture of alpaca and mohair with a little acrylic from Texere Yarns.

We were waiting for the midnight sun to disappear behind the mountains. The sky went more red by the minute, see the best photo here: Postcard from Northern Norway.

I also want to share a selection of Michael’s amazing architectural photos from Tromsø in a later blogpost!


Mohair Poncho in Japanese

The Mohair Poncho was made for my Norwegian book “To rett, en vrang. Designstrikk” in 2012 and it has been the most popular pattern from my book. Above you see it photographed by Kim Müller, worn by dancer Cristiane Sa. Now, the pattern is also available in Japanese, translated by Tomoko Nishimura, I am delighted to say. Here is the introduction in Japanese, followed by the English version.

70年代を懐かしむ訳ではなく、ただ暖かくお洒 落なポンチョを思い描きました。同じ長方形を3 枚編むので簡単。合わせ方を少しています。使 用した糸はTexere Yarnsのアルパカとモヘアに アクリルを混紡糸です。

A poncho – not too reminiscent of the ‘70s but fashionable in addition to being warm – was my aim. It is easy to knit in 3 identical rectangular pieces but an intermediate challenge to sew together. The yarn I have chosen is a mixture of alpaca and mohair with a little acrylic from Texere Yarns.

The poncho is available in one size 120 cm/47.25″ wide and 105 cm/41.5″ long, knitted in a lightweight mohair mix yarn using 5 mm/US 8 needles with a 14 stitches and 18 rows in pattern gauge. You can also make it into a stunning Poncho Jacket like Irene did. For more versions take a look at the Ravelry Pattern Page.


New Design: Alva

XT1A2750I wanted to design another poncho, since the first one I made – Mohair Poncho for my book – is so popular but whether it is due to the design or the styling or both, I am not sure. Just as last time, my aim was to make a more stylish poncho than the traditional triangular shaped ones: My Alva is a feminine poncho with a deep shawl collar in a reversible diamond pattern worked only in knit and purl stitches. Close it at the front or pin both fronts together at the back with a beautiful shawl pin, see above. Or you can throw one front loosely across your shoulder or wear it hanging loose (see below). If you prefer, make buttonholes along the double seed stitch edge. The wide shoulder makes it drop down so, add a pair of long wrist warmers to make the outfit complete. The set is knitted in a luscious merino called Tropical Lane, Wollissimo available in Norway from the online shop “Det Mjuke“. The Norwegian pattern will be published in Familien Strikk on sale from late August, while the English pattern will be test knitted in my Ravelry group before its release.

XT1A2773Not only the yarn but also the knitting is kindly sponsored by Tropical Lane and “Det Mjuke“. It was the Manager herself, Anne Magrethe Manzetti – yes, she is Norwegian but have spent 8 years in Italy and is fluent in Italian (read: yes, including all knitting terminology) – who organized the yarn sponsoring and knitted the sample poncho with the matching wrist warmers. Yes, it is big and the poncho takes 17 skeins to knit, each consisting of 50 grams with 125 meters/137 yards in pure merino, using 4 mm/US 6. Hence it comes in only one size with a bust circumference of 170 cm/67″ and a length of 80 cm/31.5″.

XT1A2775 cropThe poncho is knitted in 3 parts and the shawl collar is worked at the same time as the front. The selvedge stitch is knitted in Double Seed stitch. At the end the collar is attached at the neck and the shoulders are sewn together. Make buttonholes if you prefer. The pattern is reversible, so choose which side you prefer as the right side. You can easily thread a thin elastic through the top of the wrist warmers if preferred. The only sewing required is the join at the shoulders and at the center back neck.

XT1A2763I did at first intend to make short-rows across the shoulders, but since there are 6 parts to it, the interference into the pattern was too massive and an old-fashioned bind off was the easier option. I did not want the poncho to hang like it was made for a super hero, hence the numerous bind off on the shoulders and the shawl collar. You could also wear the poncho with a belt either with only the front tucked in, or all around the poncho if you prefer.

XT1A2757I choose the side with most stocking stitch as the right side but the reversible Diamond pattern looks equally beautiful with the reverse stocking stitch side out. So you can decide before you need to join in your second ball which side to have as your right side. All the photos in this post is taken by my husband a few days before the professional photoshoot at the end of May. The poncho looked stunning on model Anne Dorthe/Team Models and it has been captured by brilliant photographer Eivind Røhne. To be continued.


Mohair Poncho Jacket by Irene Welde Solsvik

I was gobsmacked by Irene’s stunning Mohair Poncho Jacket, instead of sewing up the front as I had suggested she left it open and sewed a slightly longer seam at the back to hold it in place! Irene chose the Norwegian yarn Iris Alpakka in a classic black shade by Rauma (74% suri alpaca, 22% wool and 4% nylon, 50 g balls of 130 m), more here: raumaull. I love her styling and how gorgeous it looks on her! Thank you, Irene!

The pattern is from my knitting book, “To rett en vrang. Designstrikk” available in Norwegian and in Finnish but also available as a single pattern with wristwarmers, only in English as a pdf download from ravelry. Below is another beautiful model, dancer Cristiane Sá, photographed by Kim Müller. If you knit it or any of my other designs, I will be honored to show them here on my blog!


3 Book Patterns in English

I am delighted that my publisher Cappelen Damm has given me permission to release 3 patterns from my book “To rett en vrang. Designstrikk” in English on Ravelry. It was a fairly easy choice based on popularity of the designs, combined the number of pattern request messages sent to me. My chosen photographer Kim Müller has allowed me to use the photographs he took for the book, and I am thrilled to be able to add those to the downloadable patterns in PDF format. The 3 are: Mohair Poncho and Wrist Warmers, Milanese Lace Shawl – thank you, Janie for knitting a stunning one – and Indigo Sweater and Cowl.

Mohair Poncho. A poncho not reminiscent of the -70s but fashionable in addition to being warm, was my aim. It is easy to knit in 3 identical rectangular pieces but an intermediate challenge to sew together, and comes in one size. The yarn I have chosen is a mixture of alpaca and mohair with a little acrylic from Texere Yarns, now replaced by Destiny Mohair, texere-yarns. It is easy to knit since it is made up of 3 identical rectangles sewn together using a 5 mm/US 8. Why not chose a brushed alpaca instead: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca, plymouthyarn or a mohair and wool mixture from Classic Elite Yarns called La Gran classiceliteyarns. A short front seam, a longer back seam, a bottom seam and a hem. Here stunningly worn by dancer Cristiane Sá.

Milanese Lace Shawl. Wollmeise has a large fan base and the phone glows when Loop receives a new delivery. Intense, glowing colors in a yarn with a fantastic stitch definition. All you can do is to become a member of Wollmeiseholics Anonymous on Ravelry. I chose the Wollmeise Lace in a popular color reminiscent of beetroot, in a lace pattern called Milanese Lace. Study all the shade at: You can also chose another thin fingering yarn such as Anzula Cloud from anzula or Malabrigo Sock: malabrigoyarn, for the shawl knitted using a 3 mm/US 2.5. With added buttons you can easily wear it as a shrug or a vest like Anna Pfeifer beautifully demonstrates.

Indigo Sweater and Cowl. The Tucks give a sculptural effect to an otherwise plain sweater knitted in Jaggerspun Zephyr Lace, in a dark indigo color which easily can be combined with the rest of your wardrobe. I have designed yet another party sweater, this time fitted  and with a regal cowl. In black in this luscious yarn, it would look like it was made of leather, see jaggeryarn. Knitted with 2 strands held together using a 3 mm/US 2.5 and available in S, M and L. I love the lightness of the yarn, the soft sheen of the silk and the denseness the double yarn creates. It can however be replaced for a single strand option such as Juno Fibre Arts; Alice Sock, available at loopknittingshop and at etsy or Heritage Silk from cascadeyarns.

All 3 patterns will shortly be available to buy and download on Ravelry, here is my designer page: ravelry. I am also proud of the “Merino Omslagsvest” Nina Hove Myhre has knitted from my book using Tosh Sock in a stunning green shade. See her photos and her button making on the previous blog post, here: fiberandart.