The Thief Spa – The Spa

THIEF SPA fasade low res

Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley

I am back at The Thief, Oslo’s most wonderful hotel, and this time to review their new 800 square meters Spa. Thank you, Siri for inviting me back and granting my wish to return when the Spa was finished, see the post from my stay here: Inside-The-Thief. I did not need to turn up in training gear with a swimsuit beneath – thankfully – but had a full tour guided by Anette Ose, the Spa Manager, and an introduction to the latest and most indulgent treatments you could ever have imagined possible. Entering the Spa felt like entering a space age, previously unknown to man. It was me, that walked around with my jaw constantly dropping so frequently that I had to remind myself to close it. For each room and treatment a small group of us – journalists and me – saw and heard about, I added it to my birthday wish list. Actually the whole Spa menu is now on my list, and all you have to do is ask for a page of it. The posh Gym; the pool with light therapy and counter current system; Oslo’s first hamam – with handsome Daniel Mental scrubbing you with soap bobles no less; Sensor Sky Showers: performance ones with lights and scents; real diamond powder fascial massage lying on a light-therapy water bed; the sauna and the dry ice container the size of a fire place – another item I did not know existed I just felt an urge to have my own. No wonder my head was spinning, really! I could feel my list of addictions grew quite a bit longer. Check out the menu here: Thief Spa.


Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley

First, the posh gym, with the latest series of machines from Technogym – my kind of gadgets; when talking about speed, I tend to talk about my own running speed while my husband talks about driving speed. Second, a treatment room with a comfortable chair with inbuilt basins for pedicures, again with light therapy and jacuzzi. Third, the make-up room with Philip Starck chairs, fit for a movie star. Fourth, the pool, again with light therapy and a counter current system to make you swim even harder. The Norwegian materials chosen by the Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, in the interior with a lot of slate and light, give the Spa a masculine feel but it is softened by amazing art chosen by The Thief’s own curator, Sune Nordgren, works by the Norwegian artists: Tom Sandberg and Marit Følstad.

Oslo hamam

Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley

Fifth, the hamam, the Turkish bath where you lie on a large marble bed surrounded by soap bubbles and receive a cleansing body scrub. It is large enough to take two people at the time and as you might have guessed, you do need to book an appointment soon since numerous hen parties have already been in touch. A magnificent idea though, I think!

Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley

Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley

Sixth, the Sensor Sky Showers introduced by Dornbracht’s own representative, to a price of a flashy car if you where considering acquiring your own, with a selection of programs which includes lights and scents. It does take 40 hours just to install but you do not need a remote control nor a user manual to use it, but these showers will guaranteed make you take even longer showers. For technical details, check:

Maletti behandling

Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley

Seventh, the divine massage bench, filled with both heated water and light therapy for the ulterior comfort experience. The jacuzzi with a view towards the Oslo fjord, make the massage treatment possible for two people at the same time. Above the massage bench, in the ceiling, is a large light box with matching colors. One journalist volunteered and miraculously guessed with her eyes closed the color she was lying on. I would not mind throughly testing if I could feel, through vibrations, the right color.

We also checked out the generously sized Steam Bath, Sauna and another treatment room where the French beauty product supplier Carita offer an anti-age lift firming treatment using electricity to reduce facial lines. It was not as shocking as it sounds, but the electricity merely created a slight stinging sensation on the skin.

The Spa is open not only to hotel guests – who can enter using a lift from the hotel to the lower level of the Spa –  but to everyone else as well. All you need to do is book in advance, and plan your birthday wish list or who you want to bring.

Even the goodie bag was out of this world, one from each main beauty care product suppliers: Carita, Keune, and Babor. Each one containing full size and generous sample products. The testing commenced as soon as I got home…



A group of Norwegian designers set up a Collective in 2009, first with a pop-up store but now in a permanent shop in Glasmagasinet, a department store in Oslo.  The shop has recently been launched and contain some stunning pieces made by the 21 brands taking part in the Collective. It feels more like a gallery than a shop and several of the designers offering business-cards to take with you. I was inspired by one-off designs by Sorl ved Strand, they were machine knitted and several were marked with “concept under development”, an extremely fitting phrase for a designer’s work in progress! You can see photos from the launch, which included a fashion show here: designerkollektivet-opens-new-store-during-oslo-fashion-week. Here are links to all the designers participating in the Designerkollektivet.

I love the look of these shoes made by designer Monica Stålvang and were not surprised to find customers trying these ones on. They have heels you can easily walk on without any discomfort, and look trendy – a rare combination, indeed. See more of her collection here: monica-stalvang. You will obviously find beautiful jewelry as well in the Designerkollektivet. Below are some of the stunning brooches made by Siri Berrefjord. They are based on traditional folk costume jewelry several centuries old, but not made in silver nor gold but in colourful plastic. See more at fredenshavn. A marvelous shop, I will be back for more inspiration!


Strikketreff/Knitting Gathering

Exactly two years and one day after Aase Lynne (pictured right below) started the Facebook group: Strikkesida/Knitting page, 70 out of more than 29 000 members, met in Oslo for a knitting gathering on Sunday 16. July. Designer Denise Samson (pictured left below) convinced Aase that Frognerparken, a public park, might not be the best place due to the unreliable Norwegian summer weather, and hence found a great location for our gathering, next to the police HQ in Oslo. A small fee, paid for lunch: a delicious wrap and free supply of drinks, fruit as well as biscuits during the day. We received raffle tickets at the door, a small gift for all of us from the Hobbyklubben/Hobby Book Club which contained three handy small knitting zipped bags, needle gauge and a bracelet. I grabbed a chair, took out my knitting and chatted just like everyone else did! For once we did not have to ask if we could knit!

Denise welcomed us and introduced Aase who started this extremely popular Knitting group, with approximately 3 postings a minute! We had lunch before Denise gave a short talk about her entry into designing, how she turned her hobby into her living. I love the story about her company name Andre Boller/Other Buns a term which means: this is something else. The post box signs in her block of flats says Baker Samson and above it Andre Boller.

Stella Marie Tveter aka Stella Charming gave her presentation in auditorium, showed us a few of her designs available as kits at Strikkenett, an online shop, as well as how to adjust a garment to fit you perfectly. Based on the number of knitters photographing the screen at regular intervals I would say it was a very successful presentation! And, yes she is charming!

I on the other hand, showed a small selection of garments from my book and how you can wear them in different ways even upside down. I talked about my change of career and how my book came into being, before I demonstrated how to make hems and tucks with 2 sets of circular needles. If you missed it, see my video here: knitting-techniques-videos.

Raffle excitement grew, as Denise with the assistance of the youngest member present, aged 7, drew the winners. There were numerous books to be won, several translated into Norwegian by Denise, latest issue of the magazine MbyM and most popular of all: 6 yarn kits from Rowan Yarns, Bergere de France, Sandnes Garn, Viking Garn and Du Store Alpakka. Above are all the happy winners! One of the kits is for Denise’s latest design and available in this week’s issue (no 13) of Familen/The Family in Norwegian – the pink pullover you can glimpse in the photo to the left. We had a fabulous day! Thank you Aase and Denise for organizing, and to everyone who came!