På Pinnen with My Design: Talila

Magasin_Høst_2015_1_Page_01I am so thrilled to have the full cover of the new digital magazine “På Pinnen”/On the Needles for the members and published by Norsk Strikkeforening/Norwegian Knitting Association. Gorgeous model Anne Dorthe/Team Models, with hair and make up styling by Sissel Fylling, as well as beautiful jewelry by Kaja Gjedebo, is wearing the Talila Cowl – while the matching wrist warmers and clutch are shown inside the magazine – and is brilliantly captured by Eivind Røhne. The design submission request came early this spring from editor and Leader Tove Fevang who wanted an accessory with a cable pattern. I was not difficult to ask, and Talila was created and accepted. A few months later, Tove wondered if I wanted to be part of the editorial team together with Åse Bjørndal. I was flattered and certainly wanted to be part of making this digital magazine. In addition, Tove wanted to profile me, and asked if she could interview me at home bringing her husband, photographer – Geir Arnesen – to take some photos. Below you see the result, I was wearing my Quamara jacket and had prepared a rail with a number of my designs. The clean and modern look layout of the magazine is done by Janette Balchen of Designstreken.no.

Magasin_Høst_2015_1_Page_03The large photo of me is taken on the terrace while the other ones are taken in my living room. You might recognize my swatch photo of the Arcade Vest in the top right corner and that I am holding on to the back of the Gyda Jacket. I also asked jewelry designer Siri Berrefjord if we could use some of her fantastic photos of my swatches with her buttons. I was delighted when she accepted. The first part of the profile on me is based on my book introduction.

Magasin_Høst_2015_1_Page_04While the second part is more about my work and productivity today. Below is the first page of the pattern with all the essential information like the yarn; Hifa Norsk Pelsull and needles 3.5 mm/US 4 and 3 mm/US 2.5. The second page has a detailed photo of the clutch which I will show you in my next blogpost, together will all the brilliant photos Eivind Røhne took.

Magasin_Høst_2015_1_Page_05The magazine contains two more patterns, book reviews, report from Alta Strikkefestival and briefly from Koftefesten, article on yarn thickness, tips and ideas. I am delighted that the magazine has been popular so far, and we have started to plan the next issue and scheduled our next Skype meeting. So if you are Norwegian, or speak Norwegian, please join Norsk Strikkeforening and send us your ideas & suggestions for the magazine.