Familien Photoshoot: Hertha

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 059I just had to borrow Judith Bech’s magical skirt, Monica Stålvang’s fantastic boots and Kaja Gjedebo’s statement jewelry for gorgeous Anne Dorthe/Team Models to wear together with my Hertha Shawl and loose sleeves at the photoshoot at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. Sissel Fylling was in charge of hair & make up (read: and much else) while photographer Eivind Røhne, who brilliantly captured it all, was assisted both by former Made by Me editor Mary-Ann Astrup and my husband. Hertha in old Norse means a powerful woman, ideal for this modern shawl with a shawl collar, that can be worn as a scarf around the neck, a shawl around the shoulders, or as a top; if worn upside down and pinned together with a shawl pin. A traditional lace pattern with shadow triangles in half stocking stitch and half garter stitch, knitted in the divine Jaggerspun Zephyr Lace held double. The Norwegian pattern will be published in the separate magazine Familien Småstrikk out in November, while the English pattern will be test knitted in my Ravelry group before its release.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 104Hertha is a development of my Bech (yes, named after the dress designer Judith Bech) with a wider shawl for a more formal look. It also makes it look more like a shawl and less like a scarf with a collar. I was attracted by the Mulberry color of the Jaggerspun Zephyr Lace 2/18 which becomes even more saturated held double. Not to mention the luscious fiber combination of 50% tussah silk and 50% merino. The yarn is available on large cones of 454 grams/1 pound with an incredible 4608 meters/5040 yards or in 100 g skeins with 1024 meters/1120 yards, you can also order smaller spools from Handweavers Studio in London, where I first discovered this American yarn that has become a favorite of mine. Yes, they are now my sponsors. Thank you, Jaggerspun!

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 130The shawl and loose sleeves are knitted using both 3 mm/US 2.5 and 3.5 mm/US 4 needles for the different stitch patterns. The gauge in garter stitch is 25 stitches and 40 rows while it is 24 stitches and 40 rows in the shadow triangles pattern. The lace pattern is easy to work and it seemed natural to choose garter stitch edgings, and divide the patterns with tucks. The cuffs on the loose sleeves have 6 tucks plus the hem. Yes, they are fun to work with 2 circular needles held parallel.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 153The loose sleeves have elastic inserted into the top hem to keep them in place. They are knitted in the round unlike the shawl. The collar on the shawl is shaped by short rows, and ends in an i-cord bind off. The pattern comes in 3 sizes: S/M as worn by Anne Dorthe, L/XL and 2XL but can easily be adjusted in length and width according to your own preference by adding or removing pattern repeats.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 162Above you see the shawl worn around the body, held together by one beautiful Abelia earring by Kaja Gjedebo. It is accompanied by the Poplar necklace and the Magnolia large earrings, all in oxidized silver. All of them such a fabulous companions to Hertha in my opinion. Hertha will be published together with two other new designs in Familien Småstrikk in November: Nuala and Syndra. To be continued.


Familien Photoshoot: Imra

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 467I am proud to show you the photos of gorgeous model Anne Dorthe/Team Models wearing Imra, with beautiful hair & make up by Sissel Fylling, fantastic jewelry by Kaja Gjedebo and brilliantly captured by Eivind Røhne at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. Here is my introduction to Imra: Poetic cables framed by reverse stockinette stripes and double seed stitch, was my idea for this straight long vest. I named this piece after the Arabic Poet, Imra. A small round neck has the same I-cord treatment as the armhole, front, and bottom edges. Match with a pair of loose sleeves that can also be worn around the waist or one as a neck tie. To achieve popping cables two yarns were combined to make a rich colored tweed yarn. I used the bouncy Hifa Ask and Rowan Fine Tweed. The Norwegian pattern, together with 5 others will be published in the special issue Familien Strikk, while the English pattern will be test knitted in my Ravelry group before its release.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 488 cropThe vest and the loose sleeves are knitted using 4 mm/US 6 to create a dense fabric with an Worsted/Aran yarn gauge of 18 sts and 28 rows in stockinette stitch and Double Seed stitch. The set is available in sizes XS to 2XL with a finished bust measurement of 84 to 126 cm/33 to 49.5″. It can easily be adjusted by changing the stitch numbers in the sides in the reverse stripes (welt pattern) and by making the bottom band longer or removing pattern repeats. The sample made by sponsored yarn was knitted by Grete Jenssen, aka ma9 on Ravelry, with her usual amazing speed with recommended modifications such as adding extra rows to the I-cord edge along each front.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 509The vest is worked in rows in one piece to the armhole where it is separated. Each front has a 3-sts I-cord edge that is worked at the same time as the vest. Both the narrow neckline and the armhole band has an I-cord bind off but the armhole band is worked in the round with a Double Seed stitch band. If you prefer a smaller armhole band continue working decreases. To achieve a looser bottom band, use a provisional cast-on method, and then make an I-cord bind off instead.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 544Both loose sleeves can be used as a belt, merely by pinning them together or you can use one as a neck tie. To close the vest, I figured out I could easily use one of Kaja Gjedebo’s large earrings called Magnolia in oxidized silver. It fits well together with Ivy hanging earrings with fresh water pearls and with the wide Caprifol ring, also in oxidized silver.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 521Above you see one loose sleeve used as a neck tie, perfect on a cold day as on our photo shoot day late in May. Well at least it did not rain. Next photos in this series are the ones of the Sculpted Frost Jacket, the last of the 6 designs to be included in the Familien Strikk magazine.