Oslo Design Fair August 2018

The summer came to an end and the Oslo Design Fair opened its door on last Wednesday, at Lillestrøm. It is a day to catch up with designer colleagues as well as yarn producers, and this time was no exception. First on the agenda was a visit to the Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk stand to see my latest collection exhibited and look at the new retailer brochure they have made. Above you see me talking to Øyvind Myhr with the sweater Lofn and the dress Sigyn in the background. Both are knitted in the lovely Sølje pelt yarn. Øyvind and Anette did want me to design 4 new designs and I am delighted to do so. Yes, I am wearing my Harding Cardigan, knitted in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, first published in Interweave Knits Summer 2016.

Here is another photo of the mannequins with the yarn kit and brochure at the floor. When Michael and I arrived at the stand, designer Kari Hestnes and co-author Hege Dagestad were there. They have recently written the book: Garnmagi med Plantefarging (Yarn magic with plant based dying), recently launched by Cappelen Damm. Kari to the left, next to Berit Løkken and Anette Toft both from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk and Hege.

I also met up with Thomas Kvist of House of Hobbies. He is now the agent for Lana Gatto and the American Distributor Knitting Fever. Designers Iselin Hafseld and Tove Fevang, as well as Dagfinn Sigridson Skoglund –  Works Manager at Oslo National Academy of the Arts – were also there and I had coffee breaks with them all. It is such an amazing and inspiring day!

There was no fashion show but House of Yarn did have a video of their fashion show running on their large stand. There were plenty of new yarns to look at and fondle. As you can see I was way to busy to take photographs so I am lucky that Michael did.

Finally I wanted to show you one of the photos Michael took of the Japanese inspired coffee shop in hall C named Scandinavian Design & Lifestyle. The Coffee shop is designed by Anderssen & Voll, with furniture from Japanese Ariake and food from Happolati. In addition I took one photo of the glass gate (read: the floor to ceiling glass wall is on the left hand side), where new exhibitors were presented on one side and exhibitions between the food outlets on the opposite side. For the first time at Oslo Design Fair, Hall C will be open to the public, today Saturday 1. September. So if you are tempted and nearby, this is your chance. You can find more information on the website: Oslo Design Fair.


Strikkefestivalen in Fredrikstad

dscn0590For the first time there was a Strikkefestival in Fredrikstad. Of course the organizers – or knitting motors as they called themselves – Marit Larsen, Bente Vold Klausen and Torill Stokkan, choose the old town by the river Glomma as the location. Fredrikstad Old Town is actually the oldest fortified town in Norway (founded in 1567) and in the Nordic countries, and one of the best-preserved fortress towns in Northern Europe.  Above is the Provianthus/Provision house, and downstairs in the vaults the market hall for the knitting festival. You can spot the knitter in the photo above.

_dsc2417-1920x1200_72The entrance to the market hall was down these steps and they were rarely as empty as this. The festival opened on Thursday and lasted until the Saturday. On the first day there was a majority of retired knitters, while the age of the knitters seemed to decrease by decades for each day.

dscn0587This is downstairs in the busy market hall on the Saturday. At times several of us visitors preferred to walk around the old town or visit one of the many nearby coffee shops with our knitting in hand. I was lucky to meet several knitters who knew me by name only and happy to share my table at lunch. As all knitters we do have plenty to talk about.

_dsc2389-1920x1200_72Here is the Norwegian designers stall from left: Mette Hovden – one half of the design duo Pinnedans – Helles SiggerudNina Granlund Sæther and Ellen Andresen. Not present in the photo is Denise Samson, but you can see her two books: Hekta på Fletter and Poncho displayed on the table.

_dsc2379-1920x1200_72There were 21 stands in the market hall separated into two vaults next to each other. On offer in addition to hand knit designers, where yarn shops, the magazines Familien and Hjemmet both published by Egmont, the button shop Perlehuset – run by Aneta Kvist, Thomas’ mother – jewelry designers, machine knit designers, one travel agent and textiles.

dscn0579-copyHere is a blurry photo of designer Marte Helgetun, who I met for the first time and Mondial agent Thomas Kvist (former yarn producer, now super agent) both at the Flamingo Garn og Hobby stall. Make no mistake this is one of my photos – together with the first, third and eight from the top – the remaining sharp and brilliant photos are all taken by Geir Arnesen. He is married to designer and author Tove Fevang – who usually take part in all the Norwegian knitting festivals – hence he is omnipresent too.

_dsc2499-1920x1200_72I was promoting the yarn kits made by Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk with my designs and spoke to shop owners, other designers I met and knitters. This time I held no workshop and was free to make up my program. I was delighted to stay with Makeløs/Remarkable designer Kristin Elise Halkjelsvik again – in charge of the Makeløs Festaften/Party evening – and to be on the guest list for the party. Her husband was the designated driver, taking runs to the market hall first me, then jewelry designer Siri Berrefjord and then to the party venue all of Saturday afternoon. Thank you, Espen! On offer were also a few exhibitions including a competition organized together with the Fredrikstad Town 450 Years Jubilee to make a Fredrikstad Pullover 2017. The winner was announced at the Makeløs Festaften, which I will write a separate post about. You can find photos and the pattern in Norwegian here: Fredrikstadgenseren 2017

dscn0607Here is one of the lovely views to be found walking around the ramparts. I was stopped a couple of times by local residents wondering what was going on, and why there were so many women around? I was happy to tell the uninitiated that there was a knitting festival on, and that the old town was invaded by knitters. One of the coffee shop owners were amazed and had never had this kind of turnover before. We were all wished welcome back with out knitting next year.

_dsc2505-1920x1200_72Above you see Tove Fevang teaching a workshop called: Perfekt avslutning på strikketøyet/Perfect finishing of your knitting. The first of two on the same day, due to popular demand. There were a total of 29 workshops to choose from and 11 lectures were held in  a selection of historic buildings.

_dsc2365-1920x1200_72I was thrilled to be able to attend talks for once without having any workshops that made it impossible nor being too tired. On top of my list of preferences was Annemor Sundbø – the Norwegian knitting legend – with her talk: Strikkekofter med tråder fra malerpensel/Knitting cardigans with threads from the paint brush. She did not disappoint and also talked about how she came about buying a shoddy factory. Above you see her presenting her books. You will find the English ones here: annemor.com. I also choose Nina Granlund Sæther’s talk on Norske Strikketradisjoner/Norwegian Knitting Traditions. It was ever so enjoyable and inspiring to hear! A separate post on the Makeløs Festaften/Party evening is coming.


Yarns from Mondial

MondialMore than a week ago I received a large bag filled with lovely balls of yarn from the Italian yarn producer, Mondial organized by their Scandinavian agent, a former yarn company owner himself, Thomas Kvist (read: yarn ambassador de luxe). Mondial is one of the oldest yarn companies in Europe, located in the city of Brescia, set between Milan and Verona. If you need yet another reason in addition to Mondial’s yarn shop that is, I found several more here: All of Italy in one city – youtube. The only reason I have not started knitting with any of these luscious balls is the upcoming photo shoot, which seemed ages away when the date was set, but now only a week away. I will reveal more about the photo shoot when I am allowed to. As I am sure you can guess, it was easy to pick a number of favorites among these balls including the complete Deluxe series. I can finally try out knitting with fibers I have yet to test like Angora (yes, it is responsibly sourced), and try out Mondial’s Cashmere, merino wool and Perle: In both Italian and Norwegian it means pearl as well as bead – perfect for this gorgeous beaded yarn mix. A large selection of their yarns are already available in Norway at Flamingo Garn og Hobby at Gressvik near Fredrikstad, Perle is available at Tjorven in Oslo – do look at the beautiful shades of this yarn – and the number of yarn shops selling Mondial yarn is rising. I also loved looking at their pattern booklets for immaculate Italian styling, see more at this American online store: Knittingfever.com/brand/mondial. Now, I am ready to visit Mondial & Brescia!


Day Trips on the Fjord

DSCN1780Summer is here, and I have been enjoying several day trips on the Oslo Fjord. The last one was to visit my mum holidaying on Lågøya, an island not far from Drøbak. A short ferry trip is ideal on a hot day, and convenient from Aker Brygge/Wharf going to Lågøya. I spent a day chatting, reading, watching the boats & cruise ships passing by and knitting while listening to wave crashing. Above is a photo of the cottage my mum rented from Statoil, the company she used to work for before she retired. It is quite basic without running water and electricity but charming with a perfect location. Another day trip I have been on was to Drøbak, after receiving an invitation from Thomas Kvist to come and have a look at Mondial’s shade cards. Such a perfect invitation for me at least, not so tempting for my husband who preferred to stay at home. Thomas is now an agent for the Italian yarn brand Mondial, and I was more than happy to come to his childhood home in Drøbak to have a look. Below is a view from his terrace. We looked at the best of Mondial and I soon found my favorites in the luxury selection, just as Thomas had anticipated…

DSCN1772We are experiencing typical Norwegian summer weather at the moment, with rain and sunshine on the same day but with higher temperatures than usual. Leaving Drøbak town centre by bus, the weather had changed see below.

DSCN1778For now I am making sure I enjoy the summer, so you will find me sitting on the terrace knitting.


Ravelry Group Anniversary Draw

DSCN1380My Ravelry group is 1 year already! I feared that only a few with join, but were utterly wrong; there are now 660 members, and I am so pleased to have attracted so many knitters! It has been a thrilling year with many test knits of my English patterns, showing off of finished garments, discussions of different knitting techniques, chatting and bi-monthly free pattern draws just to mention a few of the topics in this lovely group. I am delighted to have met new knitters. So it is time to celebrate that one year has passed. How can I best do this? By organizing a draw in my group with exciting prizes like yarn kits, a copy of my printed book with additional English patterns sent by e-mail, and free pdf patterns from my Ravelry store. All you have to do is join my group if you have not already done so, and answer my question (dead easy: what is your favorite knitting magazine?) in my Ravelry group. I will use Random org to pick winners based on the number matching the response/posting on Saturday 7th. June. Here is a list of the prizes, and a good reason to join, see ravelry.com/groups/linda-marveng, in my opinion:

  1. Regal Purple Jacket COVERHifa Perle 4-ply/fingering (100% mercerized cotton, 200 g, 335m/366 yds) 5 cones in a color of your choice –  62 stunning shades to choose from, see ull together with the pdf pattern of my Regal Purple Jacket in English. The yarn has been generously sponsored by Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk.
  2. Arcade Vest COVERHifa Pelsull DK  (100% pelt wool, 100 g, 260 m/284 yds) 8 skeins in a color of your choice – 20 beautiful shades to choose from, see ull – together with the pdf pattern of my Arcade Vest in English. The yarn has been generously sponsored by Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk.
  3. Japanese Lace COVERThomas Kvist, Amoretto 5-ply/DK (45% alpaca, 50% cotton, 5% polyamide, 100 g, 250 m/273 yds), now unfortunately discontinued, 9 skeins in soft pink 3161 from my stash together with the pdf pattern of my Japanese Lace Jacket in English.DSCN1721
  4. A copy of my printed book in Norwegian with English patterns sent by e-mail.
  5. A pdf pattern of your choice from my Ravelry Store, see ravelry.com/stores/linda-marveng.
  6. A pdf pattern of your choice from my Ravelry Store.
  7. A pdf pattern of your choice from my Ravelry Store