Keila Pattern Released

I have been waiting for the release of the Keila dress that I made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, so I am thrilled to tell you that the test knit is coming to an end. My brilliant test knitters corrected and improved the pattern. You can see a couple of the finished versions on the pattern page on Ravelry and below are photos of the different ways you can wear it. Here are some of the photos that Eivind Røhne took of the gorgeous model Aksa Mortensen wearing the Keila dress, made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, with make-up & hair styling by Nina Hjertaas Bull and jewellery by Kaja Gjedebo Design, at Hvalstrand Bad, back in May. The English pattern is available on Ravelry and the Norwegian one will be added shortly. You can also order a yarn kit directly from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk with either an English or a Norwegian pattern. Continue reading


Sweater Dresses

A sweater dress makes you feel both cosy and comfortable. The key is to make the dress in a lighter yarn instead of a thicker one and to choose a bouncy wool or another fiber you like wearing that will also keep its shape. I admit that I have several in my wardrobe that I wear a lot. Hence it did take me a long time to actually design one as I wanted to make it extra special. Now, four dress designs later I can tell you the story of Sigyn, Aibell, Gyro and Keila – coming very soon.

My first and most popular dress is Sigyn made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk in the fine yarn Sølje pelt wool, modelled by Emma Ross. The A-line silhouette becomes bodycon with the ribbing and has two central swinging cables that are divided, then moving towards the shoulder to make a v-neck at the front.

The second dress I designed was Aibell made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk this time in the slightly thicker yarn Tinde pelt wool, also modelled by Emma Ross. The balloon dress is shaped by cables introduced one at a time and can be worn as tunic or a minidress.

I did not have to appoint Beth Robinson, aka yarnbeth, as my Aibell Ambassador – she actually volunteered after she had made her first Aibell dress. Beth has made another two, so far..

The third one I designed, also for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, is made in two colours and in two yarns both Tinde pelt wool yarn for the center panel and Sølje for the sleeve panels: Gyro modelled by Olivia Lindtein. This time I wanted to try out an oversized dress with bat sleeves. The center cable panel crowns the dress and ends in a wide neck with an I-cord bind off.

Keila is the latest one and you can guess which yarn company it is made for. Yes, it is for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk knitted in their Sølje pelt wool and modelled by Aksa Mortensen. Honeycomb cables cover most of the dress except for the armhole and half the sleeves. You shape the skirt part into the high bodice part by changing the sizes of the cables.

Wear the dress as a balloon dress or a tunic by inserting a cord into the double hem. I am looking forward to the launch of the yarn kit and the test knit of this pattern beginning in November in my Ravelry group. All the dresses are brilliantly photographed by Eivind Røhne. If you are wondering if I am going to design any more dresses, I can reveal that the next one is already in the works! Enjoy the Sweater Season and your Sweater Dresses!


New Design: Keila

Keila is my new dress design made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk in their bouncy Sølje pelt wool yarn. My initial plan was an all over Honeycomb pattern with a wide skirt that could be turned into a balloon dress or a minidress/tunic with a Henley neck. The skirt and the band part are worked in the round in two different Honeycomb patterns, while the dress is divided into parts at the armhole. Skilled sample knitter Grete Jenssen, aka ma9 on Ravelry, knitted this for me in size Small in light turquoise. Michael photographed me at the outdoor theatre seating at the lock in Ørje.

Above you see the dress worn as a balloon dress after I have insert long boot laces into the hem and tied it together. The dress is knitted using a 3.5 mm/US 4 needle with a 24 stitches and 32 rounds gauge in stockinette stitch measuring 10 cm/4″ square.

The dress is worked in the round up to armhole, then back and forth to the end. The hem is worked with 2 sets of circular needles held parallel when casting on, so that the hem can be closed by knitting it together. The skirt is worked straight, then decreased into the ray of honey pattern for the band before you increase for the honeycomb pattern and the bust. The Henley neck divides the front into two parts after the armhole.

Keila is Norse for straight, just as the skirt part of this honeycomb dress is. Elongated honeycomb covers the skirt, while ray of honey makes the high waistband, both are worked in the round. The pattern flow continues with a body in honeycomb including armhole stitches in stockinette stitch. Keila is worked flat from the armhole and ends in a Henley neck. Only the center of the sleeve has a honeycomb panel.

I have graded the dress from size XS to 5XL with a bust circumference of 86 to 158 cm/33.75 to 62.25″, while the skirt width is 144 to 199 cm/56.75 to 78.25″. The dress length can be adjusted in length by removing or adding repeats of the Elongated Honeycomb pattern.

Here you see me tying the boot laces at the bottom of the dress. One of the behind the scenes photos that Michael took.

Yarn kits with English or Norwegian pattern will be available early in September from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, while the single pattern will be released after test knitting set to begin 15th of November in my Ravelry group. Long before that I will show you how stunning it looked on model Aksa Mortensen, photographed by Eivind Røhne at Hvalstrand Bad at the end of May.


Patreon Fan Club

First, I want to reveal that my next photoshoot is coming up on Friday 28th of May. The location this time will be Hvalstrand Bad Restaurant, where I had my second photoshoot with photographer Eivind Røhne organised by editor, of the former magazine Made by Me, Mary Ann Astrup back in 2014. I have seven new designs; 4 made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk and 3 individual patterns I will release myself. Above is a detail of Varun, photographed by my husband in our back garden.

Second, I would like to invite you to become a member of my Patreon Fan Club – if you like my designs – and would like to see sneak peeks of my new designs, a monthly newsletter, bimonthly tips and techniques videos, behind the scenes on the photoshoot videos and discounts for my patterns as well as for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk yarns on all membership levels. Furthermore on the next levels you will receive one or two free patterns every month, early test knit invitations and a monthly video usually about an hour long, just to mention some of the rewards.

Third, I will of course reveal more about the photoshoot and my new designs, to a smaller depth here and my other social media platforms such as Ravelry and Instagram. I will leave you with the cover of my latest two Patreon videos, that reveal a photo of two of the new designs. Thank you to all of you who have joined my Patreon Fan Club! Until next time I wish you happy knitting and hope you stay well!