My First E-book is Out

Nordic Vintage Collection COVERTime flies, so much in fact that I have not only released one e-book but two in the last few months. The first one: Nordic Vintage Collection is in English and contains the 11 patterns that were published in Norwegian in Familien Trend last February, all photographed at Hvalstrand Bad. Below you can see a look book page of the introduction, bio and contents pages.

Nordic Vintage Collection LOOK BOOK2Here is my introduction: Nordic Vintage is a collection of knitting designs made to enhance shoe designer Monica Stålvang’s Spring/Summer collection and dress designer Judith Bech’s selected coctail dresses. Former editor of the Norwegian magazine ”Made by Me”, Mary-Ann Astrup, now in charge of Egmont Publishing’s handicraft blog ”Tusen ideer”, instantly agreed to my idea and a meeting was organized to pick dresses, discuss colours and garment silhouettes. Judith brought several suitcases of her fairytale gowns, Monica brought her drawings of her outstanding shoes and I brought my knitted swatches. We chose ten dresses and color co-ordinated the ten knits.
In the introduction to these garments Mary-Ann wrote:
”The stitch patterns in these unique garments have clear lines going back to Norse tradition and the intricate pattern we see in the Dragon Style. Paired with gorgeous dresses in Norwegian design, the goddess look becomes complete.”
The eleven designs were published in ”Familien Trend”, a magazine initially planned to take over from ”Made by Me” in February 2015.

Nordic Vintage Collection LOOK BOOK5Hvalstrand Bad, an art deco restaurant on the beach with a diving tower, in Asker on the outskirts of Oslo, was the perfect location for the photoshoot. Photographer Eivind Røhne was chosen to brilliantly capture the garments worn by the stunning model Alexandria Eissinger with gorgeous hair & make up by Sissel Fylling. I choose to order bespoke buttons from jewelry designer Siri Berrefjord and Monica suggested jewelry from Kaja Gjedebo Design in addition to my own Monies jewelry.

Nordic Vintage Collection LOOK BOOK11I wish to thank this amazing team for their co-operation, as well as technical editor Heather Zoppetti, sample knitters Grete Jenssen, Airin Hansen and Karin Elise Placht, my test knitters for improving the patterns and last but not least my husband, whose support and technical aid I could not have done without.

Nordic Vintage Collection LOOK BOOK8Gyda, cabled jacket is the most popular of these 11 designs, which are all available individually as well. My next task, as well as working on new patterns, is to make this e-book available in Norwegian. So if you are waiting for just that, keep knitting for now!


Familien Photoshoot: Hennika

20141023 MbM LM 0899Hennika, named after the lace patterns Gothic shapes, was designed cropped to fit with Judith Bech’s long light blue halter neck tulle gown in our series Nordic Vintage in Familien Trend. The gown makes the lacy bolero appear even more delicate, and looks divine on gorgeous model Alexandria Eissinger at Pholk with beautiful hair and make up by  Sissel Fylling, worn together with stunning flat Elisabetta shoes by Monica Stålvang, all captured by Eivind Røhne. Hennika is tapered and the body worked in pieces while the sleeves are worked in the round in the bouncy pure wool Hifa Ask. The scarf collar is longer than the bolero and meant to be closed with a shawl pin or a beautiful brooch. Above it is folded in to create more depth.

20141023 MbM LM 0933The inside of the sleeves are worked in stocking stitch while the body parts have extra Girlander lace in each side to minimize the stockinette parts. The body and sleeves have hems at the bottom which are worked at the same time, unlike the scarf collar which is made separately in two parts to make each side identical and then joined. The hem is knitted using a 3 mm/US 2.5 needle while the rest is knitted using a 3.5 mm/US 4.

20141023 MbM LM 0923

The photo above is another of those I desperately wanted from Eivind. The dreamy look on Alexandria’s face is so iconic. I also love how the texture of the tulle gown is such a stark contrast to the pure wool bolero. The English pattern will be test knitted in my Ravelry group before it is released. The planned test knit order is as follows: Next is Saga, then Hillevi, Freja, Atika, Hennika and Bech last in the series. In the mean time I will design some more.


Familien Photoshoot: Honeysuckle Shawl

20141023 MbM LM 0218I loved this silk dress by Judith Bech the moment I lay my eyes on it at the Designer-kollektivet in Oslo. So I had to include it in our Nordic Vintage series. I designed a shawl, a cowl and a belt knitted as a hem, and called the pattern Honeysuckle after its lacy stitch pattern. It still felt like a revelation seeing the dress, with Honeysuckle and fantastic shoes by Monica Stålvang, worn by gorgeous Alexandria Eissinger at Pholk with hair and make up by Sissel Fylling, brilliantly captured by Eivind Røhne at Hvalstrand Bad. The Norwegian pattern was published in Familien Trend in February.

20141023 MbM LM 0278Honeysuckle is knitted in Rowan Softknit Cotton, a very well fitting name indeed, since it is made of 92% cotton and 8% polyamide and of a cable structure in 50 grams balls with 105 meters/115 yards put up, using a 4.5 mm/US 7 needle. The shawl can be buttoned into a shrug. Like Honeysuckle the shawl is equally beautiful on both sides. Wear it with a cowl as a collar and a stylish belt in Stockinette stitch. The belt can either be tied or pinned together with a stunning brooch.

20141023 MbM LM 0251The shawl is knit flat and the cowl is knit in the round. You can easily adjust the width of the shawl and the circumference of the cowl by removing or adding pattern repeats of 16-sts. Eyelets in the lace pattern is used as buttonholes. The belt is designed to wrap twice around the waist and then be tied. It is worked like a hem in Stockinette stitch and cast on using two circular needles held parallel. Adjust the length of the belt by measuring your waist and add preferred tying length. The English pattern is currently being test knitted in my group on Ravelry and will be released when it is complete. Now, there is only one more design you have not seen professionally photographed and that is Hennika, coming up next.


Familien Photoshoot: Saga Jacket

20141023 MbM LM 0563 croppedI am thrilled to show you how gorgeous Alexandria Eissinger at Pholk looked in my design Saga, a result of my obsession with cross chain link cables with beautiful bespoke buttons by Siri Berrefjord, hair and make up by Sissel Fylling, the stunning faux suede dress is by Judith Bech, the magnificent shoes are by Monica Stålvang, all captured brilliantly by Eivind Røhne at Hvalstrand Bad last October. The Norwegian pattern was part of my Nordic Vintage series printed in Familien Trend in February.

20141023 MbM LM 0585 cropThis is my introduction to the pattern: Inspired by the ancient sagas, I have designed a warm jacket with cross chain link cables that prepares you for the battle of the winter or for a cold Northern summer day. The jacket is straight and closed with three large bespoke buttons at the top, with cross chain link cables continuing across the saddle shoulders. The standing collar is a cable knitted separately and attached at the end. I knitted a second loose collar you can use as a belt if you prefer. The vivid melange color and lovely texture is created by holding Rowan Lima and Hifa Norsk Pelsull/Pelt wool together.

20141023 MbM LM 0636The body of the jacket is knitted flat, while the sleeves are worked in the round with increases in st st. Each cable has been gathered to keep its texture to the end. The Belt/Extra Collar is made in one size but can easily be adjusted to required length and with added snap fastners if desired. I had intended it as a belt but soon discovered I preferred wearing it as an extra collar instead.

20141023 MbM LM 0665The cables are in three parts and hence requires 2 cable needles, while they are highly addictive they do require a bit of practice before they become easy to make. I love how they pop in this yarn mixture of Rowan Lima and Hifa Norsk Pelsull worked on a tight gauge using 5.5 mm/US 9 the recommended needle size for Lima on its own.

20141023 MbM LM 0626This last photo is one that is not part of the Familien Trend magazine but another one I requested from Eivind. It illustrates the vivid blue color of the combined yarns, as well as showing of the saddle shoulder in all its textured glory. The English pattern will be released after the test knit, which is the next one to start in my Ravelry group. I am so delighted that I have a list of testers who have expressed their interest in taking part.


Familien Trend Photoshoot: Gyda

20141023 MbM LM 0444 cropHere are the fantastic photos taken by Eivind Røhne of gorgeous model Alexandria Eissinger at Pholk, with beautiful hair and make-up by Sissel Fylling, stunning faux suede dress by Judith Bech, wearing my design Gyda, a fitted jacket. The divine Elena black shoes designed by Monica Stålvang are not seen in these photos but photographed separately, see those on Ravelry together with more details of the pattern: Gyda. The Norwegian pattern is part of the Nordic Vintage series recently published in Familien Trend.

20141023 MbM LM 0470

Here is my introduction to the pattern: Cables that create diamond shapes adorn this fitted jacket on all its parts. A deep v-neck and a button band with three bespoke buttons by Siri Berrefjord make it suitable to wear on top of any treasured outfit. The fronts and back are knitted flat, while the sleeves are knitted in the round, all in the bouncy pure wool melange Ask – Hifa 2.

20141023 MbM LM 0472The English pattern in all sizes from XS to 2XL is currently being test knitted in my Ravelry group with 12 knitters making the jacket, in addition to a some just making the accompanying tweed belt or cowl. Gyda Cowl has details for the cowl plus the belt, while Gyda is only the jacket. You can follow the thread if you are a member of Ravelry. The pattern will be released after the test knit is finished. I chose to end the cables before last bind off or short rows on the shoulder and gather them to avoid flat cables then continue the last few rows in stockinette stitch. Take a look at the triangle created by the short row shaping on the shoulder. Some of my test knitters have instead chosen to continue the cables all the way to the last row.

20141023 MbM LM 0529We have also been talking about preferences in the different hem techniques; I recommend to sew it by hand at the end to make it stay flat while others decided to use a temporary cast-on. Occasionally I also use two circular needles, where one is used as a holder until it is closed with a row of knitting two together with one stitch from each needle. This tends to make a hem that is more rounded and which tends to turn upwards so that the lower part of the WS is visible.

20141023 MbM LM 0502

Butterflies adorn this generous cowl, in the shape of a lace pattern divided by a rib. A rich melange brown color has been created by combining the pure wool of Huldra Kamgarn by Hifa with the tonal alpaca mixture of Dreamline Soul by Du Store Alpakka. A tweed belt made for the Gyda jacket introduces the brown shade together with farmblue Ask – Hifa 2. The belt, just like the jacket, has bespoke buttons by Siri Berrefjord. The statement ring in silver is designed by Kaja Gjedebo. If you have been following my blog closely you will have noticed that the last photo has not been shown previously, and is not included in the magazine. It was another of my favourite photos that I just had to have.


New Design: Honeysuckle Shawl

DSC_2315I love the lush and fairly thick cotton with its cable twist from Rowan Yarns, aptly called Softknit Cotton. Available in lovely bright colors but also several beautiful neutrals like Silver, a grayish white in my opinion, with 105 m/115 yds on a 50 g skein made of 92% cotton and 8% polyamide. I picked a lovely lace pattern which is equally beautiful on both sides and decided to make a rectangular shawl that can be buttoned into a shrug with a matching cowl and stylish belt made up of a hem in stockinette stitch: Honeysuckle Shawl.  All perfect accessories to a stunning dress by Judith Bech and wonderful shoes by Monica Stålvang, to be part of the Nordic Vintage series recently published in the Norwegian magazine Familien Trend.


I named the design Honeysuckle, inspired by its climbing, and its similarities to the lace pattern itself. Above it is worn without the cowl. Both the shawl and the belt is knitted flat, while the cowl is worked in the round. The shawl and the cowl with their lace patterns are worked using a 4.5 mm/US 7 while the belt is firmly knitted using a 4 mm/US 6 to avoid stretching out of shape. I was fortunate to have help knitting the shawl and the cowl by skilled knitter Airin Hansen, aka Teodor on Ravelry.

DSC_2307You can easily adjust the width of the shawl and the circumference of the cowl by removing or adding pattern repeats of 16-sts. Eyelets in the lace pattern is used as buttonholes. The belt is designed to wrap twice around the waist and then be tied. It is worked like a hem in stockinette stitch and cast on using two circular needles held parallel. Adjust the length of the belt by measuring your waist and add prefered tying length. The belt can also be pinned together with a stunning brooch if preferred. All the photos here of me wearing it, were taken in our garden last August by my husband.

DSC_2301Here you can see the buttons I chose, and how the lace patterns works as buttonholes. I plan to have the shawl test knitted in my group on Ravelry before I release it in English as a downloadable pdf. The test knit will start shortly. I look forward to showing you the brilliant photos Eivind Røhne took of gorgeous model Alexandria Eissinger from Pholk wearing the Honeysuckle Shawl with the intended dress by Judith Bech and shoes by Monica Stålvang.


New Design: Gyda

DSC_1928-EditA turquoise fitted cable jacket had to be part of the Nordic Vintage series, I realized as soon as I saw the aqua colors Monica Stålvang had chosen for her Spring/Summer collection. My chosen yarn was the pure wool Ask in Light Green Turquoise 6584 (read: why had I not used this color of Ask before?) knitted on a 3.5 mm/US 4. Very fitted just like the Tyrol Jacket, but with a deeper v-neck and a cable panel that would fit even on the shoulders, was my plan. Instead of 10 or 11 small buttons, I opted for only 3, to be attached just before the v-neck, and I knew instantly that I wanted them bespoke by Siri Berrefjord. Not only are they like small pieces of jewelry, but since I wanted to make this jacket worn with one of Judith Bech’s stunning dresses, I needed them to be outstanding. Above is a photograph of me wearing size S but without the buttons.

DSC_1935I decided to knit the fronts and the back flat, while the sleeves are knitted in the round. On the front and the sleeve I could fit in one cable panel as opposed to three on the back. I made sure that all the shaping could be done in stockinette stitch in the sides and at the neck. The button band is a double hem just as the one at the bottom of each part. I prefer to knit it flat, then fold and sew it neatly on the wrong side by hand to keep it flat, but you could easily use two circular needles and use one as a stitch holder and then knit the two together or use a different method if you prefer.

DSC_1942Framing the cables on the back, like a textured painting make the back as beautiful as the front in my opinion. Before I end the cable panel, I gather the cables together to capture their texture instead of leaving them to a flat end. You can also easily see the flattering shape of the jacket. I have later added a size XS so that the pattern is available in sizes XS to 2XL, with a finished bust measurement of 84 to 126 cm/33 to 49.5″. Of course I could not resist the temptation of combining this beautiful turquoise color with a melange Light Farm Blue 6537 in Ask and a tonal brown made by Huldra Kamgarn held together with Du Store Alpakka, Dreamline Soul. A Tweed Belt to lengthen the jacket, yes with Siri Berrefjord’s buttons – this time with a brown base – as well as a large Butterfly Cowl. The belt is shaped and come in the same sizes as the jacket, while the cowl is one size both can easily be adjusted in width and length. I love being able to wear the cowl as a belt too, see bottom photo.

DSC_2542I had fabulous help knitting the Butterfly Cowl and the Tweed Belt from Airin Hansen. The accessories were knitted after the jacket hence the two different photo shoots you can see above, all the photos are taken by my husband.

DSC_2557Last here is a photo showing the cowl worn as a belt, where you can see the lace panels, divided by reverse stockinette stitch that make up the Butterfly Cowl. The Norwegian pattern will be published in Familien Trend on 23. February, while I will begin the test knit of the English pattern in my Ravelry group in March before publishing it.