Familien Photoshoot: Talila

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 635Talila was also photographed at the end of May, worn by the gorgeous Anne Dorthe/Team Models with beautiful hair and make up by Sissel Fylling, fantastic statement jewelry by Kaja Gjedebo and stunning Carmen boots by Monica Stålvang, all brilliantly captured by Eivind Røhne. The pattern is recently published in the new digital magazine called På Pinnen/On the Needles for members of Norsk Strikkeforening/Norwegian Knitting Association, and will be released shortly in English on Ravelry. Here is my introduction to Talila: Just as the morning dew, they are named after, these cables move from one end to another across wrist warmers and all over a divine large cowl, with a matching clutch. The warm accessories are knitted in the beautiful Norwegian pelt yarn – Norsk Pelsull – from Hifa to make the cables soft and the background texture pulsating. The set is knitted in the round but can easily be adjusted by adding a pattern repeat or stitches in garter stitch. The clutch is reinforced and has magnetic bag closures.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 652

The set is knitted using 3.5 mm/US 4 and 3 mm/US 2.5, and comes in one size. The cowl and the wrist warmers can easily be adjusted in size. I began knitting a swatch in the round in this lovely burgundy yarn and discovered I might as well make it straight into a wrist warmer. Hence I did make a second before I asked Grete Jenssen, aka ma9 on Ravelry to assist me and knit the cowl. It was Grete’s marvelous idea to also make a clutch to go with the set and used a firm placemat, cut to size, to reinforce it. I did not need a lot of convincing, and loved the finished set! The yarn is generously sponsored by Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 659The cowl is knitted sideways, in the round as the wrist warmers, both with centering stitches making a ladder to frame the pattern. Adjust the width by adding pattern repeats of 10 sts or an equal number of garter sts in each end of the round. The clutch is knitted in 2 parts; a main part knitted in the round in pattern and st st for lining and divider. Reinforce it with e.g. a firm place mat which is put inside the main part. The divider is folded and attached in the sides, the bottom and then a pocket is made by sewing seams on the inside. See the detailed photos below.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 665Dorthe is wearing the amazing Karakoram large earrings and Hekla ring, both in oxidized silver, which fitted so well to the geometry in the stitch pattern as well as the melange yarn.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 674The Norwegian pattern will also become available on Ravelry when the rights revert to me in 6 months time. But in the meantime the board of the Norsk Strikkeforening will also discuss to make the digital magazine available for non-members and I will keep you posted.


Familien Photoshoot: Nuala

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 184 copyI am thrilled to show you these brilliant photos of my design Nuala, taken by Eivind Røhne at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in May. Let the turquoise color remind you of a lovely summer and look at gorgeous Anne Dorthe/Team Models wearing the set, with hair & make up by Sissel Fylling as well as stunning jewelry by Kaja Gjedebo. Here is my introduction to the pattern: An intricate woven lacy stitch pattern by Lynne Barr is highlighted with the cable structured Softknit Cotton by Rowan in this reversible rectangular shawl that can be buttoned into a shrug. Wear it with a cowl as a collar. The Norwegian pattern will be published in the special issue Familien Småstrikk at the beginning of November, while the English pattern will be released on Ravelry after test knitting scheduled for March next year.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 221 copyThe shawl and cowl are both knitted flat, using 4.5 mm/US 7. You can easily adjust the width of the shawl and the circumference of the cowl by removing or adding pattern repeats of 9-sts. The pattern only comes in one size. The first 4 buttonholes are worked on the Right Side, while the last 4 buttonholes are worked on the Wrong Side. Both are made using the same one-row method. The yarn was generously donated by Permin.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 169 copyThe large Karakoram earrings and Hekla ring in silver lifted the outfit into evening wear in my opinion. Both are available from acknowledged designer Kaja Gjedebo. The staircase where Anne Dorthe is sitting leads down to the platoon, where we had hoped to take some more photos but due to both the bright sunshine and the strong wind we had to give it up. Just to take these photos, editor Mary-Ann Astrup was providing shadow holding a large screen see my behind the scenes photos.


Familien Photoshoot: Sculpted Frost

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 710I am excited to show you these stunning photos of gorgeous model Anne Dorthe/Team Models wearing my Sculpted Frost Jacket with beautiful hair & make up by Sissel Fylling and fantastic jewelry by Kaja Gjedebo, brilliantly captured by Eivind Røhne at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. The Norwegian pattern is one of six that will be published in Familien Strikk out on Monday 24th of August, while the English pattern will be test knitted before its release on Ravelry. Here is my introduction to the pattern: A beautiful frost flower lace pattern adorns this a-line jacket. The cuffed sleeves only have a central lattice panel, while the frost flowers reign on the body. The coat is framed by a shawl collar in garter stitch divided with a tuck and finished with an I-cord bind off. A vivid lilac color was made by combing the divine mélange lace weight Du Store Alpakka, Dreamline, Soul with the beautiful light fingering comb wool Hifa Huldra Kamgarn. Together they create a stunning stitch definition as well as a slight halo.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 722The jacket is knitted using 4 mm/US 6 needles and is available in sizes XS to 2XL with a bust circumference of 84 to 126 cm/33 to 49.5″. To avoid a large panel of stocking stitch I decided to give the 3 larger sizes have been given a garter st panel on either side of the Frost Flowers, feel free to change this to st st if you prefer. The body is worked flat in pieces, unlike the long sleeves which are worked in the round to the armhole. The hem and the tuck are worked with 2 sets of circular needles held together.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 743Again I used a statement earring by Kaja Gjedebo that holds the jacket together; Karakoram, Ivy hanging earrings and Caprifol wide ring both with fresh water pearl, all in silver. The geometric shapes of the stunning jewelry fits so well with the ones in the frost flower pattern. Notice how the backside of the wide ring stands up in the photo below and all the details in the bottom photo.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 712The collar, divided from the pattern with a tuck, is shaped with short rows and ends in an i-cord bind off. You can easily make the collar wider if you prefer. The Frost flower pattern has a number of repetitive rows which make it easier to knit than it looks.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 745Check out the details in the magnificent Magnolia wide ring, as well as the melange color created by the two yarns held together. Both yarns were kindly sponsored by their producers. This is the last of the 6 designs featured in Familien Strikk. We also photographed 3 designs for Familien Småstrikk due out in November which I will show you next.


Familien Photoshoot: Alva

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 559 cropI am thrilled to show you the stunning photos of gorgeous model Anne Dorthe/Team Models, with beautiful hair & make up by Sissel Fylling and matching Carmen-wine boots by Monica Stålvang, as well as jewelry by Kaja Gjedebo, all brilliantly captured by Eivind Røhne on location: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. Alva, a feminine poncho with a deep shawl collar in a reversible diamond pattern worked only in knit and purl stitches. Close it at the front or pin both fronts together at the back with a beautiful shawlpin. Or you can throw one front across your shoulder or wear it hanging loose. If you prefer, make buttonholes along the double seed stitch edge. The wide shoulder makes it drop down so, add a pair of long wrist warmers to make the outfit complete. The set is knitted in a luscious merino called Tropical Lane Woolissimo, available at Det Mjuke in Norway, who kindly sponsored both yarn and knitting. The Norwegian pattern will be published in the special issue Familien Strikk out on 24th August, while the English pattern will be test knitted in my group on Ravelry before its release.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 586 cropThe poncho is knitted in 3 parts, using a 4 mm/US 6, and the shawl collar is worked at the same time as the front. The selvedge stitch is knitted in Double Seed stitch. At the end the collar is attached at the neck and the shoulders are sewn together. Make buttonholes if you prefer. The pattern is reversible, so choose which side you prefer as the right side. You can easily thread a thin elastic through the top of the wrist warmers if preferred. The only sewing required is the join at the shoulders and at the center back neck.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 598The poncho comes only in one size with a bust circumference of 177.5 cm/70″ and a length of 77.5 cm/30.5″, just as the wrist warmers do; 18 cm/7″ at the bottom and 28 cm/11″ at the top with a length of 32 cm/12.5″, but both can easily be adjusted (by adding or removing pattern repeats or a longer or shorter bottom bands) to your preferred size. You will recognize the stunning jewelry from the previous design as the Karakoram earrings and Hekla ring, both in oxidized silver designed by Kaja Gjedebo. More divine photos to come…


Familien Photoshoot: Mistale

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 334 cropAnne Dorthe/Team Models looked absolutely stunning in my OXO cabled sweater; Mistale, with hair & make up by talented Sissel Fylling, Benedetta boots by Monica Stålvang and jewelry by Kaja Gjedebo, brilliantly captured by Eivind Røhne at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. It was former editor of Made by Me, Mary-Ann Astrup’s idea to use the stone clad columns as a backdrop for a series of photographs. The location worked astonishingly well! Mistale – both the sweater and the cowl – is knitted in Hifa Norsk Pelsull in a gorgeous vivid lime green color using 3.5 mm/US 4 needles. The Norwegian pattern will be published in the special issue Familien Strikk out on Monday 24th August, while the English pattern will be test knitted in my group on Ravelry before its release.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 338

The vivid lime green in the stunning pelt yarn – Norsk Pelsull – from Hifa intoxicated me. I discovered that cross cables with round cables in the middle made a gorgeous texture. By framing the cables with a rib, the sweater becomes figure hugging and is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite jeans or trousers. It ends with a squarish narrow neckband and you can choose if you want to add the matching cowl.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 361The Sweater, both the sleeves and the body are worked in the round to the armhole and then worked back and forth in rows. The cowl is worked in the round as a long tube, and then the ends are joined together. You can wear it hanging loose as in the top photo or twice around the neck, showing off the rib on the backside of it. The earrings with the matching geometric shape are the statement Karakoram and the ring is called Hekla both in oxidized silver designed by Kaja Gjedebo.

20150529 Linda Marveng HO 366Mistale is available in sizes XS to 2XL with a bust circumference of 89 to 129.5 cm/35 to 51″. Its predecessor Cable Round Sweater has less positive ease on the body and more on the sleeves, Mistale has been improved thanks to the response from my test knitters. I have scheduled all the autumn and winter test knits in my Ravelry group, so come on over and join us. The yarn has been kindly sponsored by Hifa.